Meet the Literary Artists of SEAF 2023

You may have read that a writer whose work you find delightful has made their way into an upcoming anthology. It may have been written. Or whispered. Or excitedly shouted. You may be wondering, who else? It is time, dear readers, for the official announcement. We invite you to meet the Literary Artists of SEAF 2023.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression. We are building a collection of written words that encompass the same breadth of sexual experience. The incredible creativity with which writers approach the subject of erotica is captured in poetry, flash works (less than 1000 words), and short works (1000-5000 words).

We are honored and beyond excited to present the literary artists who heeded our call to answer the question, “What is erotic?”

Søvn Drake

I found the people and adventures I love in the Pacific Northwest over twenty years ago. Though I wrote poetry as a youth, I began writing short stories about five years ago. I run a flash fiction writing group and podcast and enjoy writing in a variety of genres including erotica, historical fiction, and science fiction.
IG: @sovn_drake TW: @vn_drake

Jessica Sokol

Jessica has been called: daughter, friend, sister, artist, musician, girlfriend, Christian, lover, wife, assistant, witch, dancer, student, female, soldier, bitch, warrior, widow, slut, colleague, mother, queen, seer, white, counselor, chief. She is all of these and none of these.
IG: @kayjay350, TW: @unjessing

John Nedwill

An Irishman living abroad. Probably born in the wrong century, but has managed to survive so far. Tabletop gamer and person who writes for the fun of it. Helps run two writers’ groups (one online, one not), and has experimented with podcasting. Other than that, avoids social media. The mundane exterior is merely camouflage for what lies beneath.
Wattpad: johnnedwell,

Melissa Lee

I’m an over-caffeinated rainbow-disco-ball-of-glitter erotica writer who uses the gift of sexy storytelling to help people ditch their sexual shame and become the magic sex unicorns they were meant to be.
IG: @strawberrysmutcakes, TT: @strawberrysmutcakes

Lily Pond

Michèle’s story collection Bright Objects of Desire was published by Biblioasis. Her fiction has appeared in magazines, been dramatized on CBC, as well as being performed at festivals (Verses Festival of Words, Banff, Harrison), She also writes poetry (currently at work on an erotic French fairytale translation),and has optioned three screenplays

Lyssandra Norton

Lyssandra is a PNW creator of things, primarily on a page.

Gene Clements

This will be my tenth year to participate in the Seattle Erotic Art Festival! My drawings, sculptures, and etchings include figures and, more often than not, groups of figures in erotic situations. Since retiring, I’ve been writing erotica as well, primarily short stories about older adults for whom lovemaking is a joy and sometimes, a comedy.


B (she/her) is an erotic storyteller & performer. Throughout her journey, B co-hosts Erotic Storytelling at a local dungeon & recently co-founded KinkySexyKool with Lee Honey, a collaborative creative project that focuses on the celebration and acknowledgment of POC kinksters through the arts. You can find her on Fetlife as Lotus-Flytrap.

d. jones

Retired Chief Engineer, poet, father, husband, brother, friend, cancer survivor, knot in the wood grain of society.

Genevieve Fasano

Genevieve Fasano is an award-winning narrative designer and published erotic author. Her writing is informed by her experiences with kink, bisexuality, polyamory, sexwork, and gender dysphoria.

Lee Honey

Lee Honey initially began her exploration into kink and eroticism late 2019 and has since become more active in the BDSM lifestyle in the Chicago area; using her various experiences at this point to help inform and inspire her more sensually focused visual art and writing.
IG: @its_lee_honey

Stephanie C. Pollock

Stephanie C. Pollock is a recipient of the Rolfe Humphries Poetry Prize and a former associate professor at Duke University. Her writing has appeared in a wide variety of literary journals, including Blue Unicorn, The Road Not Taken, Live Canon Anthology, Pinesong, Coffin Bell, and Buddhist Poetry Review.

Denise G

A late bloomer self-taught artist and poet, and long-time photographer. She is in her renaissance period and loving her new Crone status. Tapped into her sensuality like never before and it reflects in her poetry and art.
IG: @notafulldeck,

Shane Guthrie

I currently live in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley in the town of Duvall, WA. I’ve been writing poetry since 1993. My other hobbies including hiking, painting, gardening and climbing.

Raechel Lynn

I grew up in the pacific northwest, which granted me an appreciation of everything outdoors, and a love for raw beauty. The most important things in my life are my three horses and my five dogs, and I’m forever a champion of adoption. Paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi are my favorite genres to read and write.
FB: RaechelLynnErotica


Mordred is a second generation Ukrainian American non-binary trans masculine artist who takes inspiration from their worldly travels to Norwegian forests and ancient Polish castles. When they’re not creating poetry or music, they enjoy leathercrafting armor and sword fighting.


I grew up in California and traveled during my time in the military. I landed in Seattle in 2012 and was introduced to SEAF. Writing has been a creative outlet and a way to work through my relationship struggles and past trauma. This is my first time submitting in several years.

Corinne De La Coeur aka Bella Lunacy

Corinne De La Coeur started performing burlesque and belly dance as Bella Lunacy since 2011 in Seattle. Since then they have been performing, producing, modeling and writing through the Pacific Northwest and has recently relocated to New Orleans to focus on their novels.
IG: @mooninbellaluna, FB: mooninbellaluna

Pixie Isobella

Pixie Isobella writes erotic fantasies featuring submissive sex and dark desires. Her work includes BDSM stories as well as dark fantasy and gothic erotica. Pixie loves to write fiction that celebrates afab sexual joy. She lives in Australia, loves her garden and performs burlesque and cabaret. Pixie is proudly queer, kinky and polyamorous.
IG: @pixieisobella,

T.C. Mill

T.C. Mill writes and edits in Wisconsin – one answer to the question, “What do you even do with a philosophy degree?” She’s out as both queer and bereaved. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Litro, the Cliterature Journal, BUST magazine,, and in anthologies from Cleis Press and Pure Slush.
TW: @TCMill2,

Randy Hilfman

Randy has published the poem “The Cunnilingus Chronicles”; the essay “My Sexual Odyssey: A Father’s Reflections”; numerous erotic crossword puzzles; a sexual parody of a popular print advertisement; and the short story “The Mysterious Danny H: A Sexual Case Study.” A prominent competitive speller, Randy has taught several classes on language.

Greg Rubin

Greg Rubin, has been telling stories for as long as he can remember. His father, an accomplished musician and storyteller, brought him along on the performance circuit, where the duo shared their passion for traditional storytelling, especially tall-tales and the Arabian Nights. Greg has since moved on to writing his own, often bitter-sweet, tales.

Bill Wolak

Bill Wolak is a poet, collage artist, and photographer who has just published his eighteenth book of poetry entitled All the Wind’s Unfinished Kisses with Ekstasis Editions. He was a featured artist in the recent art book Best of Erotic Art (London, 2022).


K.D.Oliver is your pagan, pansexual parent figure from the other side of the Puget Sound. You can find him petting cats, attending drag shows or collecting gel pens when he’s not writing. He is about ALL the representation in literary art and media. Enshackled by the big GOV, he finds his outlet in writing the dirtiest thing you’ve read this week.

Shana Graham

Shana Graham is a Seattle and Miami-based writer, producer, educator, and community builder. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications including Cimarron Review, Witness, The Los Angeles Review, CRAFT, and West Trade Review. She’s currently working on a memoir in linked essays. You can find her at at
IG: @_supershana_,

Zoe Mork

Ms. Zoe is a longtime resident of San Francisco. She has written and performed in the Bay Area focusing on issues of disability and sexuality. For over 22 years, she has been a sex worker. Through the myriad of healthcare woes, she has found that artistic expression is a way to find solace, focus, and joy in her internal world.
IG: @mszoesf

Epona Rose

Epona Rose is a verge witch, animist, grief clown, dark bard, supermama, earthbound creatrix, albino selkie deeply committed to healing and reviving our many bodies and selves, throwing literal and proverbial flower pedals on the Threshold of Ever After.
IG: @Once_Epona_Tone,

A.R. Bender

A.R. Bender is a writer of German heritage now living in Tacoma. His short stories, flash fiction, and poetry have been published in numerous literary journals, most recently in: Pulp Modern, Close To the Bone, Thriller Magazine, Sein Und Werden, Mystery Tribune, Madcap Review. He’s also seeking representation for his completed historical novel.
TW: @arambender,

Zoe Brook

Zoe Brook is a queer writer. They write novels and short stories in many genres, frequently involving queer romance, fantastical worlds, consent, surrealism, agency, and sexiness.

Pearly Sweetcake

I’m new to writing erotica but have created a bit of a stir on Instagram with my writing. I’m hungry for more. So at a friend and follower’s suggestion, I am giving this a try. No expectations just a sexy and erotic open mind.

Cassidy Aquilino-Berg

Cassidy “Beetle” Aquilino-Berg (she/her) is an artist, poet and queer witch living a hedonistic life in the Pacific Northwest. Her work explores queer lust, eco-sexuality, and the magick of sex. Through painting, poetry, dance and interactive art she expresses a range of tone from romantic to straight up vulgar.
IG: @beetlesmagickcafe

Kat Moon

Kat is a shy hedonist who discovered kink later in life. During her exploration, she has gone to a variety of sexy events, play parties, and performances. Creating stories and poems about her experiences has tapped into her creativity and passion for writing. She also has a love of latex fashion and enjoys being shiny with her partner and friends.

Tiana Marie

Tiana Marie is a non-binary artist in the PNW. They explore intensities through hook suspension and BDSM and written words as catharsis. Tiana’s work dives into trauma, sex, grief, gender, and the collected scars throughout. They pull inspiration from the tranquility and ferocity of nature and its resiliency as healing.
IG: @littletianamarie,


VB is a writer that likes to combine science and other nerdiness with their art, which includes standup comedy, comedy writing, and poetry.
IG: @valerie_benti,


E.A.M.P. is a south end Seattleite afakasi. Growing up, she lived with the Samoan side of her family where she learned the traditions of the fa’asamoa from the strong women who surrounded her. Her distinct style radiates the beauty and longing of being a Pacific Islander living in the diaspora.
IG: @lizzy_amp,


7 loves writing, editing, singing, impact play, and sexy humans. Sometimes ve does two or more of these things simultaneously. Ve is a fan of neopronouns and deep conversations. 7 has declared verself the 7th worst guitarist in the world, and welcomes challengers to vis title. Rumours that 7 ate 9 are somewhat exaggerated — it was just a hickey.

Gigi Feril

Gigi was raised in the Bay Area, lived in NJ, TX and now Las Vegas. She started writing erotic short stories during COVID and had two stories published in COVID Connections: A Darling Way Collection of Erotic Short Stories. Her first erotic poem ever written, “Glorious”, was published in SEAF’s Literary Art Anthology 2022.
IG: @ggibberish,

Micah BlackLight

A defiant, volcanic force of Nature’s creation. A multi-media artist, writer, orator, coach, teacher, youth mentor, and fashion designer. He delights in detonating spirits by embodying safe spaces and creating beautiful, inspiring art, leaving intentionally empowering experiences in his wake like a spirit boat on the lake of existence.
IG: @MicahBlackLight, FB: Micah BlackLight


Tasha lives in Seattle and is a writer of novels and short stories. Also, an enthusiastic snuggler of dogs, imbiber of tasty brews and adventurer of hedonism.

Luigi Frizzante

Luigi Frizzante studied creative writing at a small college in Northern California. He now spends most of his time writing for the business world and lives in the Pacific Northwest. He is neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but a magical realist.

Lynne Ellis

Lynne Ellis (she/they) writes in pen. Their work focuses on monarch butterflies, surgical experiences, sexuality, classical music, daughterhood, and childfree life. She is the recipient of the Missouri Review’s Perkoff Prize, among other honors. Ellis is co-editor at Papeachu Press, supporting the voices of women and nonbinary creators.
IG: @stagehandpoet

Sumu Tasib

Sumu (Su) Tasib is an author and scientist living in Seattle, Washington. “A Boy Named Su” is their first book, a collection of non-fiction stories and essays about their journey with genderqueerness. Su also hosts the Queer Kahani podcast. Su was recently accepted to the highly selective 2023 Jack Straw Writers Program.
IG: @sumu_tasib,

Loren Ponder

A changeling creature enchanted by the act of effecting tangible marks on the world around them. Their multifaceted mediums weave together themes of nature, intimacy, and myth.


Involved in kink and alternative sexuality for the past decade goodgingergirl enjoys writing about her experiences on her journey thus far.
IG: @goodgingergirl, FB: Kristine Ginger

Clea Salar

Clea Salar is a bi femme writer, Chaotic Good rogue, and specialist in all things fantastic. She currently lurks in the shadow of a mountain, where she spins tales of a decidedly saucy nature. She likes bubble tea, role-playing games of all varieties, and the Oxford comma.
IG: @salarstories, Linktree: Salar Stories

Seriah Black

Seriah Black is a High Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. Black is fascinated by the dual nature and beautiful contradictions in people. When not giving sensual shifters and eccentric aerialists all the tools they need to create love and chaos, Black steeps themself in a good cup of tea, or ten.

Andrew Engelson

Andrew Engelson is a journalist, editor, and writer based in Seattle. His work has appeared in Tin House, The Stranger, Crosscut, and many other publications. He’s currently writing a nonfiction book about the growth of polyamory in America.
IG: @andyengelson,

Ashley Wiesner

I reflect on self discovery, pleasure and identity from the perspective of a chronically online, woo woo bitch.
IG: @byashleylorraine, Substack: Ashley Lorraine Wiesner

Barbara Wallen

Part-time writer, artist, and crafter of things. My writing meanders from sensory-focused erotic poetry and BDSM lifestyle commentary to creative non-fiction.
FB: Changeling Designs

Thinky Boots

Thinky. Sometimes in boots. Sometimes about boots. Cishet white dude who thinks a lot about human interactions.
Medium: Thinky Boots

Sugar N. Spyce

Sugar (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary & polyamorous _. They’ve been involved in kink for over 6 years, & have been writing for far longer. They’ve spent the last few years writing both original erotica & smutty fanfiction, & they look forward to continually improving their craft.
TW: @sugar_n_spyce32, AO3: Sugar_n_Spyce32

Eirikah Delaunay

Eirikah Delaunay (she/her) is a writer, Witch, and sexual rebel. Both/and is her magic word. She is a certified somatic sex & relationship coach at https://DesireAlchemy.comwho lives with her nesting partner at the threshold of the PNW wilds. She currently serves on the Board of Seattle’s Center for Sex-Positive Culture.

Ryan Nielsen

Ryan Nielsen (he/him) is a queer/trans Midwest native that moved to Seattle in 2006. He has enjoyed writing from a very early age. When he isn’t writing, Ryan enjoys eating candy, watching EastEnders, and dressing up in latex outfits with his partner to do everyday tasks–his favorite is grocery shopping.
IG: @ryytastic

Tha Horny Housewife

Tha Horny Housewife loves to make you feel good one poem at a time. Always saying scandalous things, she is a published poet in three anthologies, including the 2018 SEAF Literary Anthology. She’s created her own greeting card line where she likes get-you-in tha mood, and also enjoys creating custom work, teaching & hosting a variety of events.
IG: @thahornyhuman

Ophir Reader

Ophir Reader is an erotic writer based in the Pacific Northwest. Ophir is a passionate believer the power of words — written and spoken — to unlock imagination and desire. Ophir has been an avid participant at SEAF, and a contributor to the Literary Art Anthology for the past 6 years. He welcomes feedback on his writing.
FB: Ophir Reader


Poet, muppet, lover of flesh mesh.


Part time Monster Doctor, sex positive enthusiast. Novice author and poet.
TW: @dachasunbathes