Everywhere you turn…

The days are just screaming past until we open the doors this Friday! As you read this, we are loading into the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and starting to lay out the floor plans, build the walls, set up the stages, and prepare to receive you all and show you all the amazing things our artists have done this year. Well, assuming you’re reading this on Tuesday when it was posted, that’s what we’re doing. Regardless of when you’re reading this, however, we’d love to share with you another collection of delightful entertainers who will be roaming our space and adding to the many delights you will see and experience this weekend. Dearest art lovers, may we introduce you to the 2024 Ambient Performers.

Duo Sexy Bizcuit

“Whip Woof”
Terry and Hana have been circus partners since the beginning of 2023. Terry is an multi-talented circus performer specializing in ropes while Hana is a trained flyer and hand-balancer. They first met back in 2021 when Hana joined Acrobatic Conundrum, a circus performance company of which Terry was the art director. They have performed on stage together multiple times since then and loved every moment of it. When they are off stage, you can find them training hard, coaching or generally creating havoc together at Emerald City Trapeze Arts or SANCA.

Artease Dance Collective

Artease Dance Collective showcases femininity, elegance, and sensuality through dance performances at the intersection of art and entertainment. Their mission is to encourage audience members to live their lives more deeply and passionately. Founded by director Annelise Eastes, Artease specializes in a fusion of ballet, burlesque, gogo, and shibari.

Molly Mode

“Angler Fish”
Molly May is a local Seattle artist and fashion creator, Molly Mode creates unique one of a kind art-fashion pieces with emphasis on the engineering and functionality of items and how those can be incorporated into fashion.
Friday and Saturday

Chastitty Honeydew

Chastitty Honeydew is an award-winning Seattle-based international performer and member of Haus De Corvo. She holds the title of Best Burlesque at the 2023 Brag Awards in Portland and has been a main stage performer at Kinkfest, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and Queer Prom. This rising star in the PNW Burlesque scene brings a signature blend of sex, raunch, and plenty of stupid to every performance. She’s got the sweetest melons in burlesque and will leave you sticky and satisfied, with a show you’ll never forget.
Friday and Saturday

Meg Austin

Meg Austin is a Seattle based pole dancer, aerialist, contortionist, and handbalancer. She melds sensuality with circus in a mesmerizing dance of seduction and skill. Meg is a captivating performer who weaves an enthralling tapestry of elegance and daring. From the dimly lit cabarets of Seattle to the grand stages of international competitions, Meg captivates audiences with an irresistible allure. Her performances are a celebration of the human form, a fusion of strength and sensuality that leaves audiences spellbound.
Friday and Saturday

Sugar May

Sugar May is a comics/multimedia artist and art model. She works in a purely vintage aesthetic, and devotes herself to delicious and devious depictions of kinky and queer sexuality through transmedia storytelling.
Friday and Saturday