Monthly Archives: February 2022

Psst, Performers! How about a little more time?

Aerialists, burlesquers, chanteuses, dancers, entertainers, fabulous performers of all varieties, we want you! Yes, you, right there with the ostrich feather fan. The SEAF 2022 Call for Performance Art is being extended until March 15, 2022! That’s three more weeks for you to join our illustrious Main Stage, Aerial Stage, or Ambient Performance line up!… Full Article »

Happy Valentine’s Day! (24 hours left!)

Artists of all mediums! You have 24 hours until the Call for Art ends! Well, technically you have 29 hours left, because the Call for Art doesn’t end until 11 p.m. PDT, but it doesn’t sound as dramatic. And we want drama in our submission process, right? No? We don’t want drama? Oh. Well then…. Full Article »

Counting down and a little about SEAF sales

Artists! Darlings! We are running out of time! In just a few short days, the 2022 SEAF Call for Art will close FOREVER! (Because it’s the 2022 Call for Art, so even though in 2023 we’ll have another Call for Art, this one will never open again…I’m overdoing it again, aren’t I?) Let’s Talk Sales… Full Article »

SEAF 2022 tickets are on sale!

Most fabulous and fantastic dears and darlings! The first tier of tickets for #SEAF2022 are on sale now! It’s the perfect time to get the best price for the hottest art event in North America. The lower prices don’t mean you miss out on anything. All ticket tiers provide ticket holders with the same level… Full Article »