SEAF 2024: Opening Night

Magnificent art lovers! The time is finally upon us! In just a few hours, we will throw open the doors of the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and invite you to join us for the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. We have the most fabulous melange of art ready for you. We are so excited to see you there!

2024 Friday Schedule: Panoramic shot of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.

Opening Gala

6-6:30pm – Durational Performance

4Culture Stage
Nasty Habitz – Rock Neo Burlesque troupe with high energy and sultry dance.
Curated by Judas St. James

6-11:30pm – Live Latex Balloon Costuming

north of the 4Culture Stage
**Allergen warning: latex balloons will be used

6:30pm – Wanderlust: Ekphrastic Art Tour

Begins at Docent Table

6:45-7pm – Showcase Performance

4Culture stage
Hyrdra + Sir Loin: Burlesque and Drag
Curated by The Luminous Pariah

7:30-7:45pm – Bondage & Aerial Performance

Aerial Stage
Shay & Angel, Suspension Bondage: “Creatures of Muscle & Bone”
Curated by Shay Tiziano

7:30pm – Art Tour: Director & Curator Secrets Behind the Art

Starts at Docent Table
Andrew Moran, Exhibition Curator and Sophia Sky, Executive Director

7:30-8pm – Literary Author Showcase

4Culture Stage
Featuring the authors of the 2024 SEAF Literary Anthology.

8-8:45pm – Literary Artist Meet & Greet

The Library
Featuring the authors of the 2024 SEAF Literary Anthology. Open to all guests.

8:15-8:30pm – Showcase Performance

Aerial Stage
Amy Funbuttons: Aerial Rope
Myles Higher: Aerial Hoop: “Contact”
Curated by Shay Tiziano

8:15-10:15pm – Flirt With Fate

next to the Library

8:30pm – Art Tour, Aspirational Erotic: Body Size, Shame and Aesthetics

Starts at Docent Table
Lindley Ashline of Body Liberation Photos

8:30-11:30pm – John Cornicello’s Photo Booth

Spotlight No. 1

8:45-9pm – Showcase Performance

4Culture stage
Lady Drew BloodScarlett Folds, + Sherwood Ryder: Burlesque and Drag
Curated by Ophelia Dagger

9-9:30pm – Durational Performance

Aerial Stage
Blanca Dorado, Your Favorite Demon
Curated by Judas St. James

9:45-10pm – Showcase Performance

4Culture stage
Sadira Lady Liquid aka Tyrone: Burlesque and Drag
Curated by Miss Indigo Blue

10-11:30pm – Bedtime Stories

The Library
Jessica SokolRöbleGigi Feril, and others.

10:15-11pm – Bondage & Aerial Performance

Aerial Stage
LiriopeDr. Dangle, & Calciphur, Suspension Bondage: “German Beer Hall”
Shay Tiziano, Self-Suspension: “Tenuity”
Curated by Shay Tiziano

10:30pm-Midnight – DJ Max Gains

4Culture Stage

10:30pm-Midnight – Go-Go Dancers

4Culture Stage
Ms. Kitschy KupidAndromedaTURBOCUNT, & Copper
Curated by DasBee

11pm-12am Durational Performance

Aerial Stage
Puppette & Yiggy. Suspension Bondage
Curated by Judas Saint James