Our Highest Honors: SEAF’s 2024 Award Winners

Every year, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is home to the most delectable variety of erotic art to grace a gallery, a screen, or the pages of an anthology. This year was no exception. Some pieces shone a little brighter, delighted and excited beyond what we anticipated. We would like to celebrate and recognize these… Full Article »

Summer Late Night at Gallery Erato

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is proud to present another Late Night At Gallery Erato art opening on Friday, June 21st. These events recreate the vibe of SEAF’s late night hours: dancing to the stylings of DJs whilst surrounded by erotic art and gloriously gorgeous people. Come dressed to impress and dazzle on the dance floor… Full Article »

SEAF 2024: Sunday Funday

Saturday was AMAZING, but now it’s time to wind it down for a chill but no less art filled Sunday. Join us today for Gallery Hours, where things are a little quieter but there’s still plenty going on. Gallery Hours 11am-4:30pm – Erotic Movement Lab Seattle Opera CenterSeries of 4 workshops exploring embodied eroticism. 12:30-1:30pm… Full Article »

SEAF 2024: All Day & All Night (Almost)

Thank you SO MUCH for such a fabulous Friday night! You viewed beautiful art, you listened to salacious stories, you enjoyed fabulous performances, you danced, you were beautiful and amazing in the moment! Are you ready to do it again? Saturday is here, and we’re ready to go longer and harder with a full roster… Full Article »

SEAF 2024: Opening Night

Magnificent art lovers! The time is finally upon us! In just a few hours, we will throw open the doors of the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and invite you to join us for the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. We have the most fabulous melange of art ready for you. We are so excited to… Full Article »

The sexiest of words, just for you

Darling art lovers and gentle readers, we have made it to Wednesday! Halfway through the week, and so, SO close to the start of the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival! Today we want to tease you with something lascivious and perhaps loquacious. We have a lovely collection of wordsmiths in the anthology this year, and… Full Article »

Everywhere you turn…

The days are just screaming past until we open the doors this Friday! As you read this, we are loading into the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and starting to lay out the floor plans, build the walls, set up the stages, and prepare to receive you all and show you all the amazing things our… Full Article »

Art you can play with

Darling art lovers! The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is THIS WEEKEND! Are you excited? We are! There is so much art to be just devoured, and we hope you’re hungry for it. To further whet your appetite, we’d love to introduce you to the 2024 Interactive Experiences. These installation-style art exhibits and performances offer opportunities… Full Article »

Performances with stamina

We all know it didn’t seem possible, but today we are announcing even more performance artists! Specifically, we’re here to talk about the durational performers! Now, you may be asking what a durational performance is. To put it very simply, it’s a performance that lasts longer. To give it more context – a typical performance… Full Article »

SEAF 2024 welcomes to the stage…

Good morning, art lovers! Here are the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we strive to be an interdisciplinary art event. We want the festival to be a bit of a Gesamtkunstwerk (fun German word – look it up!). Which is why in addition to the art on the walls and in our books, we have stages…. Full Article »