Seduction: Monstrous needs performers and volunteers

Hello, freaky darlings. Let’s be seductive together. Seduction needs volunteers, performers, makers, and artists! Help make this year’s Seduction one to remember and apply to be a part of the behind-the-scenes crew. Performers Event producer, performance artist, and burlesque performer, Carson St. Clair, has graciously accepted the role of Mistress of Monsters for this year’s… Full Article »

September’s Whimsy

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is proud to present another Late Night At Gallery Erato art opening on Friday September 8th. These events recreate the vibe of SEAF’s late night hours: dancing to deep DJs whilst surrounded by epic erotic art and gloriously gorgeous people. Come dressed to impress and dazzle on the dance floor –… Full Article »

Let Me Introduce You…

We’ve been teasing you for long enough – it’s time to share a new opportunity for fun with you! We’ve been busy little beavers working on a new quarterly event at Gallery Erato that we are simply calling SEAF: Late Night. SEAF: Late Night recreates the vibe of Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s late night hours;… Full Article »

May I have the envelope, please? SEAF’s 2023 Award Winners

Every year, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is home to the most delightful variety of erotic art to grace a gallery, a screen, or the pages of an anthology. This year was no exception. A number of pieces shone a little brighter, delighted and excited beyond what we anticipated. We would like to celebrate and… Full Article »

Gallery Hours at SEAF 2023

Hello ecstatic and potentially exhausted art lovers! What a wild and amazing weekend it has been so far! You all really turned out last night for the Saturday Late Night party! If you didn’t get your fill of the art yesterday, or have been waiting for a quieter moment to come see the art with… Full Article »

Day & Night: Saturday at SEAF 2023

A big thanks to everyone for a fantastic opening night! We are delighted to say that the celebration has only just begun! Our Saturday line up includes tours, lectures, workshops and more during the day, with the same big energy performances and dance music at night. Take a look at what you can expect Saturday… Full Article »

Welcome to the 2023 Opening Gala!

It’s time, my art loving darlings! The 2023 Seattle Erotic Art Festival is here! Please come join us for our Opening Gala! We have so much happening Friday night, and have provided a handy guide to the 2023 Opening Gala. 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM Body Painting by artists Sugiura Nureo & K LeoThe Corner… Full Article »

Creating in real time: Live art at SEAF 2023

The festival is not just a place where art is displayed, but also where art happens. Every year we curate experiences within the space where creativity is encouraged. Would you like to see an artist at work? Maybe watch someone be turned into a living piece of art? Take some time to hone your own… Full Article »

Let’s talk about sex: workshops, panels, and discussions at SEAF

Can you forgive the Salt n’ Peppa reference? Maybe even appreciate it? I thought you might, you’re a gracious and forgiving collection of art enthusiasts. Anyway, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival encourages you to not only view art, but to embody art through conversation, education, and action. Over the course of the weekend, we’ll offer… Full Article »

Lascivious Letters: Literary offerings at SEAF 2023

Hello, lovers of creativity in all its forms! Since the inclusion of Literary into the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we have experimented with different way to share this medium with our attendees. There is unimagined potential for eroticism and connection in both the written and spoken word. We are excited to share the literary offerings… Full Article »