Let’s talk about sex: workshops, panels, and discussions at SEAF

Can you forgive the Salt n’ Peppa reference? Maybe even appreciate it? I thought you might, you’re a gracious and forgiving collection of art enthusiasts. Anyway, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival encourages you to not only view art, but to embody art through conversation, education, and action. Over the course of the weekend, we’ll offer… Full Article »

Lascivious Letters: Literary offerings at SEAF 2023

Hello, lovers of creativity in all its forms! Since the inclusion of Literary into the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we have experimented with different way to share this medium with our attendees. There is unimagined potential for eroticism and connection in both the written and spoken word. We are excited to share the literary offerings… Full Article »

The Erotic Movement Lab

Hello, art loving darlings! We’re getting so excited for the 2023 Seattle Erotic Art Festival and the flurry of activities taking place over the weekend. We have two events running concurrently with SEAF this year. One of them is the 2nd Annual Pan Eros Film Festival. The other is a completely new event, the Erotic… Full Article »

SEAF: Late Night

After the lectures and performances are done, we shift gears to create a night club vibe within the festival. SEAF Late Night is when we invite the go-go dancers and flow artists to take the stage while the DJs lure you on to the dance floor. This year, our Director of Sound created a 6-point-surround-sound… Full Article »

Presenting the PEFF 2023 Silent Films

In addition to the delightful shorts that will be playing at the SIFF theater, we are also very pleased to present a stirring silent film program. This collection of films from creatives across the globe provides emotive visuals that are full of stories, culture, and lived experiences. The Pan Eros Film Festival’s Silent Film Program… Full Article »

Presenting the PEFF 2023 Short Films

Dear and darling art enthusiasts! It is our delight and honor to introduce you to the PEFF 2023 Short Films! This sampling of short films comes to us from all across the world, from daring filmmakers as close as Vancouver, BC and a far away as Pune, India. As different as these films and the… Full Article »

Pan Eros Film Festival 2023

A bright hello to all you darlings, especially you aficionados of all things film and erotica. We are delighted to announce the Pan Eros Film Festival 2023! This is PEFF’s second year, and we are excited to keep it going. A selection of short and silent films have been chosen by our Film Curator, Brodin… Full Article »

Meet the Literary Artists of SEAF 2023

You may have read that a writer whose work you find delightful has made their way into an upcoming anthology. It may have been written. Or whispered. Or excitedly shouted. You may be wondering, who else? It is time, dear readers, for the official announcement. We invite you to meet the Literary Artists of SEAF… Full Article »

SEAF 2023 needs volunteers! Sign up today!

Hello, you daring and delightful art lovers! We are weeks out from the festival, and ramping up for what is looking to be an incredible year! As many of you know, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is almost entirely volunteer run. Aside from a small core staff that heads the Pan Eros Foundation, everyone from… Full Article »