Monsters come out to play at Seduction

Hello all admirers of things seductive and spooky! We are continuing to bring together a magnificently macabre evening for you. As we move closer to Seduction: Monstrous, all the pieces are falling into place. The decor. The music. The monsters.

Our Mistress of Monsters, Carson St. Clair, has recruited a fantastic cast of fetching fiends. Throughout the evening, our performers will roam the space. We’d love to introduce you to them. Though you may not recognize them when you see them.

Genevieve Fasano (she/her)

Genevieve Fasano is an award-winning narrative designer and published erotic author. Her art is informed by her experiences with kink, bisexuality, polyamory, sex work, and gender dysphoria.

Mordred (he/they)

Mordred is a second generation Ukrainian American non-binary trans masculine artist who takes inspiration from their worldly travels to Norwegian forests and ancient Polish castles. When they’re not creating poetry or music, they enjoy leathercrafting armor and sword fighting.

Onyx Wolf (she/her)

Onyx Wolf is a mixed breed, multifaceted entertainer, shapeshifting through various realms of performance and aerial art. Creating tension and cultivating release with her sensually aggressive style, entrancing all who bear witness to succumb to her magick.

Onyx is the GM and teacher at Pole Fitness Seattle, stage manager for MX and performer at QueerBar, a board member for the House of Beloved and a WastedYuth hooligan.

Blanca Dorado (they/them)

A mysterious and macabre creature, Blanca has been haunting stages up and down the west coast since 2020. They are a member of Seattle’s Haus De Corvo. With a sultry smirk and the raise of an eyebrow, they’ll make a willing victim of you. Your favorite Demonexx!

Care to join the cast?

We’re still looking for one more performer for the evening. We are specifically looking for a fortune teller/soothsayer character who would read tarot, or palms, or whatever they like. This needs to be a character role, however – we are looking for someone to give a performance, not professional readings. Someone who can embrace the sexy, spooky aesthetic of Seduction: Monstrous.

We are also looking for go-go dancers. Do you love to dance, and have a great little costume? Something sexy and fun? Then please contact us. If you are interested in the fortune teller or go-go dancer positions, please contact our Production Manager, Ophelia, at [email protected].

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the party!