Monthly Archives: September 2017

Volunteer At Seduction!

We can’t put on Seduction without you. As a volunteer run organization, we provide the chance to be a part of something fun while making a difference in the world. Help us create a safer and brave atmosphere for people to express and explore aspects of themselves. Whether you are taking tickets, loading trucks, selling… Full Article »

Seduction: a Circus of Performances

Seduction offers a variety of rooms to explore, like a circus and all its tents. The Midway will boast roaming performers. So, keep your eyes open for those small delights. The Big Top boasts aerialists, high flying bondage, and other circus arts. The Calliope, where the DJs will be spinning their magic, entices you with… Full Article »

SECS Fest is here!

The SEAF film shorts programs has grown up and become SECS Fest! SECS Fest is a sex-positive international film festival celebrating the artistry of erotic cinema while inspiring diverse communities to engage in adult conversations about sex. The Seattle Erotic Cinema Society presents the first annual SECS Fest on September 8-10, 2017. Tickets are available online!  There… Full Article »