Monthly Archives: December 2022

Introducing the 2023 Visual Art Jury

Hello dearest Artists and Art Lovers! The Call for Art is moving right along, and we are ready to introduce the 2023 Visual Art Jury! Our jurors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, united by not only their love of art but an understanding of the importance of seeing the erotic reflected in… Full Article »

The Early Bird discount is flying away!

You know that old saying? The one about how the early bird gets the discounted submission fees? So, fine, that’s not the original phrasing, but there’s nothing wrong with adapting old adages for modern times. And it’s true! There’s only one week left before the Early Bird Discount flies off, never to be seen again!… Full Article »

Up for a Winter Art Exchange, anyone?

Hello art lovers, wherever you are (though mostly the ones in the Greater Seattle Area and reasonably driving distance). We’d like to take a moment from your regularly scheduled Call for Art hype to invite you to a little event we’re having. You see, it’s the holiday season. And this time of year, we like… Full Article »

The 2023 Call for Art is open!

Artists, the time is now! Grab your favorite pen, your paintbrush, your drill, your stilts, your toe shoes, your ostrich feather fan, whatever you need to make the art happen, because it is go time! The 2023 Call for Art is finally open! Register before December 15! We will be offering a special Early Bird… Full Article »