Introducing the 2023 Visual Art Jury

Hello dearest Artists and Art Lovers! The Call for Art is moving right along, and we are ready to introduce the 2023 Visual Art Jury! Our jurors come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, united by not only their love of art but an understanding of the importance of seeing the erotic reflected in art.

Natsiree Puttavon

Natsiree was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and immigrated to Seattle nearly three decades ago. She lives and breathes the vibrant Seattle art scene and has been an attendee of SEAF for many years. Her Art History expertise lies in her love for Art Nouveau, Victorian, Modern, and Contemporary art. She is also a self-published poet and has been featured in various venues in the Seattle area.

Susan Wright

Susan Wright, MA (she/her) founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997, and currently serves as Executive Director. She also serves on the advocacy and community advisory committees for AASECT, the APA’s Division 44: Committee on Consensual Non-monogamy, Kink Clinician Guidelines, and the Diverse Sexualities Research Education Institute. She currently chairs the Consent Counts Committee that worked with the American Law Institute on the revised Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault to create Section 213:10 Explicit Prior Permission for consent to kink. She also chaired NCSF’s successful DSM Revision Project which helped result in the consensual paraphilias being separated from the APA’s Paraphilic Disorders in the DSM-5 (2013). Susan’s research focuses on discrimination and violence against alt-sex practitioners, consent practices and attitudes, and the mental and physical health of alt-sex practitioners.

Kelly Chance

Kelly Chance has been an active member of the Northwest sex positive community since 2000. Growing up in the home of a commercial artist, Kelly learned her love of art from an early age. She has been active with the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival as a docent for many years and loves selling art! Ms. Chance serves on the board that produces Leather Reign, a Seattle based BDSM conference. She is passionate about the power of intimacy in building strong and connected relationships and offers workshops on related topics. For Kelly, “Art is ultimately an intimate encounter, between the artist’s vision and the observer’s psyche.”

Myron Curry

Myron Curry was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Mainly in the Central District area. Like most children he liked to color and doodle. That soon evaporated as he grew older just as the sun dries up the morning dew. He is a self-taught artist. It wasn’t until recently, 2015, he was allowed to use a friend’s paints and just tried it out. The very first time painting he knew there was something there that came so naturally. He’d get lost within each creation. He finds inspiration in things that in some way produce emotion; his environment, images and different experiences, things that spark interest. He seems to find the visual “IT” factor in moments in life. His philosophy is, “If something moves or inspires you, don’t wait, create something NOW!” It’s very seldom in life we find the time and freedom to act spontaneously upon our creative thoughts.

Meriah Gille

Meriah is an avid artist, art collector, and art supporter. She has been a volunteer for SEAF since 2018. In addition, she has served on the board for Ignition NorthWest and their grants committee for several years, facilitating the granting of more than $100,000 to artists in the PNW. Meriah strongly believes that self-expression in all of it’s forms, especially sexuality, is critical to our well-being and enriches our experience of life. She is especially proud of the way that SEAF uplifts the art of BIPOC, Queer and Other-Abled people, which is so often overlooked.