The Early Bird discount is flying away!

You know that old saying? The one about how the early bird gets the discounted submission fees? So, fine, that’s not the original phrasing, but there’s nothing wrong with adapting old adages for modern times. And it’s true! There’s only one week left before the Early Bird Discount flies off, never to be seen again! At least not this year.

You have until 11:59 p.m. Pacific on 12/15 before the submission fee increases from the $20 early bird price to the regular $38 fee. Is your entry not quite ready yet? That’s okay! You can still make your account and begin your submission now. Changes to all submissions can be made up until the end of the Call for Art. If you want the discount, however, you need to pay your fee before the end of the day on December 15th.

So clear a little time in your schedule and make your way over to the Artist Portal. The clock is ticking! Guidelines for submission can be found here. If you have any questions about submission, please email Drea, our Artist Liaison, at [email protected]. If you have more general questions about the festival, please email [email protected]

Also! Would you like a little help with the portal? Our yearly information session is coming up on December 14, and you can sign up here. If you can’t make the virtual workshop, don’t worry! The video will be posted on our site.