Countdown to SEAF – 5 Days Left!

We’re in the final stretch!  The Seattle Erotic Art Festival opens this Friday, at 6 p.m. in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall!  There are so many reasons to be excited, but we thought we would tease you with this little countdown.  Not that we aren’t all excited already, but let’s bring it to a peak,… Full Article »

Aaaahz! – Season 4 at SEAF2019

We’re feeling a bit playful right now because it’s time to tell you about “Aaaahz!”. If you’ve had the pleasure of joining us in recent years, then you might want to get excited about what we’re going to do this year. If this will be your first time and you’ve heard people mention “Aaaahz!”, then… Full Article »

Indulgent Art Tours

While you should feel free to peruse all of the amazing art on your own, we highly encourage you to take part in one (or many!) of our guided art tours. SEAF 2019 art tours are led by carefully selected artists and art enthusiasts. Go on a journey throughout the festival, viewing art through their… Full Article »

Intimate, Artistic Edification

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival encourages you to not only view art, but to embody art through conversation, education, and action. Over the course of three days, we’ll offer numerous conversations and lectures on a range of topics related to art, sexuality, identity, and/or eroticism. Take a gander at our options; all of these wonderful… Full Article »

Immerse yourself in our Installations

Throughout the Seattle Erotic Art Festival weekend, we hope to expose all of our guests to art that not only excites and energizes them, but reaches out to them, connects with them. We find this to be particularly poignant – and sometimes literal – with our Installations. So what is installation art? Well, it can… Full Article »

Ascendency: Bondage & Aerial Showcase

The return of the aerial stage means the return of an aerial showcase, and our aerial curator Shay Tiziano has been hard at work assembling a captivating cast of talented performers who love rope and don’t fear heights, but respect them just enough to keep things interesting. In the words of the curator: “We fly… Full Article »

Aerialists, riggers, and rope – Oh My!

One of our favorite qualities of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is that there is always something happening.  Whether it is our performers, readings from our literary artists, or our many installation pieces that invite you to become one with the art, you can almost always find a way to become immersed in the Festival,… Full Article »

Our 2019 Literary Artists

Literaries, logophiles, and all admirers of the written word! The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is absolutely ecstatic to announce this year’s Literary Artists. The 2019 Literary Anthology is a carefully curated collection of poetry and prose that will leave you positively aquiver. Whether you are well acquainted with erotica or just dipping your toes into… Full Article »

Introducing our up close and personal Interactive Troupe

We strive to make the Seattle Erotic Art Festival an immersive experience – we want you to not just attend but participate.  Part of how we craft a more communal Festival is through the playful efforts and exploits of our Interactive Performers!  These delightful creatives will be found throughout the space, both in our main… Full Article »

The Velvet VIP Experience

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is a provocative and delectable experience, full of art and performances that will tease your senses, ignite your passions, and challenge your perceptions. But what if we told you it could be even more? What if we told you there was a level of sumptuousness beyond what already envelops you… Full Article »