Here’s Why You Should be at SEAF This Weekend

The excitement is building– can you feel it? Art work is arriving, walls are going up, performers are putting the final touches on their pieces, and many of you are deciding on outfits to wear…in other words, SEAF IS ALMOST HERE! The festival starts this Friday, and we are tingling with anticipation. Not quite sure… Full Article »

Lectures For Your Edification

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival encourages you to not only view art, but to embody art through conversation, education, and action. Over the course of three days, we’ll offer numerous conversations and lectures on a range of topics related to art, sexuality, identity, and/or eroticism. Take a gander at our options; all of these wonderful… Full Article »

Late Night Music at SEAF2018

Next weekend, get your music fix with us! Stay up late with us— we promise to make the experience totally worth it. Friday night features live music guaranteed to give you plenty of aural pleasure. To round out the evening since we are staying open until 1am, we will bring in a DJ to help… Full Article »

Art Tours For The Curious

While you should feel free to peruse all of the amazing art on your own, we highly encourage you to take part in one (or many!) of our guided art tours. SEAF 2018 art tours are led by carefully selected artists/art enthusiasts who take you on a journey throughout the festival, viewing art through their… Full Article »

The Artistry formerly known as 1618

More shake-ups for #SEAF2018! Festival patrons from recent years may recall Rm. 1618 where we offered mini-art lectures and hands-on learning, such as figure drawing and titty-tassel creating. Our Headmistress is taking the year off, so we are doing things a bit differently by creating a Studio. Studios are where artists create art. Enter the… Full Article »

The Art of SEAF2018

Hello, all you sexy lovers of erotic art! Let us tell you all about the art that we chose for #SEAF2018. This year we got a total number of submissions of 1640 pieces of art submitted through our artist Portal from 405 artists. These submissions came from 21 countries around the world and 36 of states… Full Article »

Guest Curator Spotlight: John Franklin Koenig

We are excited to announce a special showcase of a singular artist whose body of erotic artwork spans 4 decades. This year’s guest curators are Claire Koenig and Steve Jensen. We are honored that they have put together a fantastic collection of works, creating a one of a kind erotic retrospective never before seen in… Full Article »

Juicy Literary Offerings

Good day to all you wonderful people! #SEAF2018’s Literary arm is ready to enfold you and share naughty bedtime stories with you. Of course the Literary Anthology will be available for purchase in the Festival Store, or online here. We deeply value the eroticism of written words. However, we shall showcase those sexy writings during… Full Article »

Come Play with the Interactive Performers of SEAF2018

Erotic art is all around you at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival – on the stage, on podiums, on walls, and screens. Even right there behind you! Our troupe will delight you with intimate, surprising, performances all around the Festival floor. We are here to share moments with you – hyper-local experiences of love and… Full Article »

Aerial and Bondage Performance at SEAF

In addition to performances on and off the stage, this year we are excited to bring acts from the air! Clara, the Festival’s very own aerial rig, will invite you to look up for more erotic beauty throughout the weekend. Enjoy sexy evenings of soaring shenanigans, from showcased aerial performances to intimate rope bondage suspension… Full Article »