Presenting the PEFF 2024 Silent Films

In addition to the delightful shorts that will be playing at the SIFF theater, we are also very pleased to present a stirring silent film program. In the PEFF 2024 Silent Films program, creatives across the globe provides emotive visuals that are full of stories, culture, and lived experiences.

The Pan Eros Film Festival’s Silent Film Program will be shown throughout the weekend at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.


United States | Yazmeen Mirgoli

A re-telling of the myth of Persephone through the lens of bondage and BDSM, a young woman navigates through the labyrinth of power dynamics and restraint, as she overcomes her struggles for autonomy and self-actualization.


Netherlands | Nat Portnoy

“Nylon” is playing with the form, inviting you in, resembling an internal organ or a snail taken out of its shell, a sloppy shelter, a deflated niche where you can hide, grow, touch, and dream, far from the madding crowds but so close to each other. “Nylon” is a fantasy of a secret sex life in a womb, of erotic exchange between microorganisms, where identity is relative and senses are everything. The piece, shot by Amsterdam Queer Porn Collective, oscillates between experimental video art, video art performance, and porn.

hold me tighter than before

Philippines | Mar-ian Ejandra

In the midst of a casual setup, Aleck and Kirby get caught in a complex web of emotions as their relationship blossoms into something more, questioning their notions of intimacy and the boundaries they previously set.

Goudou Auto

Switzerland | Oil Productions

Goudou Auto is a dyke journey driven by desire and bizarre experiments on a yellow pick up truck.

For You

United Kingdom | Iryna Mordiushenko

A woman in her 70s embarks on a transformative journey after receiving a mysterious parcel.


Netherlands | Niek de Leeuw

Melk is a movie about my expectations of being gay. Why do so many people focus on the sex between two men. When you come out of the closet do you have to have a lot of sex with a lot of men or is there still a possibility for a cozy life?

Private Flowers

Canada | HAUI

In 1832, a Canadian Infantryman was hanged for making love with another man. The victim’s rank was Private, and his name was Flowers.

Created as part of Awakening with Toronto History Museums Private Flowers is part of a series of art projects by Black, Indigenous and artists of colour, operating under the principles of anti-oppression, anti-colonialism and anti-racism and is part of the City’s efforts to address anti-Black racism.


Croatia | Matea Kovač

An empty paper depicts a struggle between artistic composition and decomposition as the voice of the narrator-protagonist reminisces about her tumultuous relationship with a former girlfriend.


Spain | Pau Devolar Van Dragen

A self reconciliation process with menstruation and sexuality during grace period.

This film showcases the protagonist’s personal process and reconciliation with her period, asserting that menstruating bodies can desire and be desired, and that having or not having a period should not condition our pleasure and our relationships beyond what we freely decide.

head in the stars

France | Emma Rouleaud

To escape, turn to the stars. To finally dream. Spinning in my head. Shooting sparks. Of random thoughts.

Birds of Helladise

United Kingdom | Nark Zug

The birds of Nark Zug’s magical realm are trapped in an eternal cycle of sensation, exploring both pleasure and pain.


Puerto Rico | José Alameda

This short film is the eleventh installment in our series of experimental erotic films. Our objective was to capture the essence of eroticism through echoes of the body in erotic exchanges using the color blue to acentuiate a feeling of nostalgia and remembrance.

Tale of a Violet Sky

Italy | Nicolò Roberto Roccatello

This video clip is a seductive dance between two young visually impaired individuals, an encounter that goes beyond sight. Their mutual discovery and fear of rejection transform into an extraordinary metaphor, taking us into a parallel world, a vibrant mental intimacy.

In Curve Notes

Portugal | Flavia Regaldo

When is the shape displaced? Correnteza explores tensions of the body and desire in its anti-matter, in the blind cuts of its lines and curves, in-between the unsaid, in the intimacy of the pose. A porn animation of watercolour paintings (moving, rather like quicksand paint), Correnteza is built based on videos produced by invitation to participate in the project, through the premise of rethinking the body as a critical space.

Stalking Athens

Greece | Officer Flower

A Berlin tourist visits Athens. Breaking into an abandoned stadium, they witness the aftertaste of the Olympic Games 2004. After years of desertion, the stadium hosts again a sporty encounter.


Germany | Florian Maubach

Emerging excitement, a dancing body, and the sensual awakening of sexuality turn this experimental animation film by Florian Maubach into the nucleus of a transformation process. SPROUT is a stimulating short film that pushes boundaries but doesn’t solely focus on the pleasure event. It’s a metaphorically charged short film that allows an important look behind the curtain of male sexuality and relationships.

Uranian Sons

Germany | Miguel Martín Betancor

Uranian Sons is a film that invites the audience to immerse themselves in the works of famous Spanish authors such as Federico García Lorca or Luis Cernuda. As a modern reinterpretation, the figure of the goddess of love Venus (Greek: Aphrodite) is placed in the center as the protagonist: here, however, as a figure who finds her origin in the open sea into which the cut-off testicle of Uranus previously fell.


Canada | Vespéral

A 6 babes orgy in golden light and luscious satin fabric.


Australia | Viola V
The ecstasy of the sublime subverts arcane religious ritual into personal pleasure.

good boy

Chile | Marco Antonio Núñez

The author’s erotic imagination is mixed between desire and magazine clippings, and the trade of collage becomes a ship that travels from outer space to the city itself.


Belgium | Esteph Medusa

“Through a distortion of reality Nova is joined by her partners. Their bodies intertwine, flowing into each other until they become an unrecognizable organic mass. “
This movie is a first peak into the organic fantasized universe of the queer CLAP! Collectif, a new born post-porn collective from Brussels. This short namesake movie is a spirited and spontaneous endeavor, written and shot in 14 hours. It’s a dive headfirst into cinematographic creation for this queer cast of people.

The Pan Eros Film Festival will run concurrently at the SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center during the 22nd annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival. A separate ticket is required for entry to the PEFF Short Film program. Screenings will be on Saturday and Sunday.