SEAF 2024 welcomes to the stage…

Good morning, art lovers! Here are the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we strive to be an interdisciplinary art event. We want the festival to be a bit of a Gesamtkunstwerk (fun German word – look it up!). Which is why in addition to the art on the walls and in our books, we have stages. Stages graced by some of the most fabulous performers in Seattle and beyond. So let’s meet the 2024 Showcase Performers!


RebeccaMm Davis (Emcee)

Known for her quick quips and saucy hips, RebeccaMm Davis has been delighting audiences of burlesque and nerdlesque for over a decade. Recent highlights for the International Smart Aleck include: the Saskatoon International Burlesque Festival, Isle of Tease in Victoria, BC, and the Queen City Expo in Nelcon, BC. Back in the US, she’s Emcee’d Fatlesque Fest, Juneteenth JumpOff with Bawdy Suit, Moisture Fest, and the Pacific Northwest Burlesque Festival. Along with Founder Mx Pucks A’Plenty, Rebecca co-produces What The Funk: An All BIPOC Burlesque Festival in Seattle, WA. With her own production company The Stay Up Late Show, Rebecca and Tootsie Spangles recently wrote and starred in their own theatrical production “Fried Green Beaches.” She is also a Wedding Officiant and Notary Public.


Dancer. Singer. Actor. Hot Goblin. As a co-founder of Valtesse Productions Hydra has spent the past 5+ years producing and performing in Seattle’s most kinky burlesque shows. She is excited to branch out and get weird on the SEAF stage!


SirLoin is a trans drag king who loves to wear rhinestones, ride and get ridden, and explore the nuances of masculinity, power, and self-expression. Landing in Seattle via Texas, he is here to remind folks: Grade A meat comes in all shapes and sizes!

Lady Drew Blood

Lady Drew Blood is a Disabled Seattle based performer known as “The Chameleon Showgirl.” She’s been peeling on stages since 2005, came to burlesque from roller derby, and thrives on kicking ass. Drew has set fire to stages all over North America with her unique flare and continues to share her odd takes on burlesque with willing spectators. Lady Drew Blood strives to entertain and leave her audiences strangely fulfilled & wildly fascinated!

Scarlett Folds

Scarlett Folds — Miss Folds if you’re nasty — is THE raunchy red-lipped lady. Scarlett knows love can be tough sometimes. She also knows you like it that way. This latinx rebel will whip you into shape and light a fire inside you that only she can put out.

With her extensive background in dance as a performer and a movement director, Scarlett brings jaw-dropping shimmies and twirls that will mesmerize you to follow her every whim. Scarlett made her professional burlesque debut in 2018, and has since had a joyously naughty time in many shows such as BurlesKaraoke, Queer Prom, Hollywood Burlesque Festival and more. She recently made her International Debut at Isle of Tease in Victoria, BC.

A member of The Devil’s Advocates, as well as Noveltease Theatre, Scarlett keeps herself busy. With a variety of monthly shows AND mainstage productions she also makes some time to put that BFA to work by teaching students over at ExitSpace Dance. She has no time to fuck around — well, maybe just a little. Follow her on instagram to keep up with all of her nonconformist antics!

Sherwood Ryder

Known as The Latine Goth Prince of The Emerald City, Sherwood Ryder is not one to be trifled with. The Seattle Queer Monarch 2023, this bicoastal king got their start in the ATL, but now calls the Emerald City (Seattle) home. This model, performer, actor, and queerdo has all the right moves in all the right places. You can try to resist their wicked charms, but it is only a matter of time before you, and your wallet succumb to their will.

They are the founder and producer of House of Beloved (ATL, SEA, & Las Vegas) and co-founder of The Emerald City Kings Ball (An all Drag King & Being Festival).

Born from ashes of fire and brimstone in an alternate dimension is none other than the bender of gender, Sherwood Ryder. Their otherworldly ways will be sure to leave you breathless and begging for more but don’t worry, they’re not your average fuck boi, they’ll actually call you back.
They’re not a woman, they’re not a man, they’re Sherwood Ryder.

Sadira Lady Liquid aka Tyrone

This gender bending artist is about to slink their way up & down your wet dreams. You may have experienced their female persona, the saucy Sadira Lady Liquid. But have you experienced their male alter ego?? Get ready for the sexiness that is, TYRONE!!!


Miss Indigo Blue (Emcee)

“The TwirlyGirl”
Dancer, Teacher and Strip-Tease Artiste
Top 10 Influential Burlesque Performer of the Decade
Burlesque Hall of Fame Sassy Lassy 2018
Master of Erotic Art 2016
Miss Exotic World 2011
“Delicious” – Seattle Weekly
“Fierce diva” – Village Voice
“Obscenely comedic” – Heeb Magazine

The Mothafuckin Tarzan

Part of House of Beloved, this thembo may be new on the scene but is no stranger to the stage. They are the tantalizing tease that’s the talk of the town, The Muthafuckin Tarzan!

Artemis Prowl

A recent transplant all the way from Phoenix, AZ, Artemis Prowl is a slinky, sultry enchantress on a mission to bring the scorching heat of the valley to Seattle. With an affinity for the stage, she earned a BA in dance performance and while in school, she was tempted to try aerial. She ended up forming a deep romance with aerial arts, which would lead to a deeper exploration of her artistry and the eventual development of her now iconic vamp style. When she’s not busy hunting for hungry hearts, you can catch her prowling about in her favorite heels on the dance floor or in the sky, leaving audiences begging for more.

Chastitty Honeydew

Chastitty Honeydew is an award-winning Seattle-based international performer and member of Haus De Corvo. She holds the title of Best Burlesque at the 2023 Brag Awards in Portland and has been a main stage performer at Kinkfest, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and Queer Prom. This rising star in the PNW Burlesque scene brings a signature blend of sex, raunch, and plenty of stupid to every performance. She’s got the sweetest melons in burlesque and will leave you sticky and satisfied, with a show you’ll never forget.

Chance Hazard

This performer is a danger to himself and others. The King of Comedic Chaos, Chance Hazard. Bio He’s a slapstick drag king and comedian straddling the lines of comedy and horror. This artist is a nonbinary, queer, black, performer and content creator. He shines a comedic light on gender and sexuality with cartoon-like performances and character impersonations. Throwing tips during this performance is encouraged. You can also tip this performer through Venmo or cash app by the handle ChanceHazardDrag You can find this artist on Instagram @ChanceHazardDrag. Follow for performance dates, message or email for booking!

Lilith Dead Girl

Lilith is a Los Angeles based burlesque artist, fire eater, freelance model & SadoMasochist. Bewitched by the grim and ghoulish, she is the demon from your wet nightmares.

Bee Bee Sanchez

Bee Bee is the bodacious babe with the bountiful body and biting wit. This mercurial minx is a Dancer, a Producer, Artistic Director for Querencia (ke-ren-seeya) Dance Company, and Femmecee. Bee Bee is a proud member of Sasshole, Portland’s queer fat fierce fusion dance crew. Bee Bee has also proudly assisted the Production Team for What The Funk Festival since 2020. She’s a published author and curator of hot sauce. She defies expectations on the stage, behind a mic, or with a pen in her hand. Get ready for the hot sauce hottie of Stumptown.

Kiva Siani

Kiva Siani secured her place as an icon in the L.A. Burlesque scene in 2013 when she won the title at the first Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Her dancing roots go back to childhood ballet and jazz of, but as an adult, she studied sensual, ethnic dances like Polynesian, Samba, and African styles, but she’s been stripteasing for over 25 years. She is most known for her slow-burn, intense hip movements, and the raw, vulnerable sensuality she oozes all over the stage.


Marigold (she/her) loves the art of sensual movement & values the way pole dance has allowed her to explore that. She’s been pole dancing for 6 years & truly connected with her sensuality a couple of years ago, while diving into her love of heels dancing. During this time you have together, she wants to mesmerize you, tantalize you, and tease you. 💃🏼👀 also – catch her teaching at Savor Studios Seattle if you like what you see.

Sandria Dore

Sandria Dore is a Portland born and raised burlesque performer. A burlesque hall of fame winner, international entertainer and cast member of Diva Drag brunch & Tease revue. She is “The Rose City Showgirl.”

Vera Verse

Vera is a Seattle-based pole dancer who appreciates finesse and quality of movement. She is known for her technique, lines, and sensual, slow flow. She began her pole journey in 2014 and has since been club dancing, performing, competing, judging, and teaching.

We’re just over a week out from the festival, and we are so excited for you to come see everything we’ve put together this year! Come join us!