Meet the Visual Artists of SEAF 2023

You’ve already heard the rumors, no doubt, and excited artists proudly exclaiming it from various social networks. It is time, art lovers, for the official announcement, and we invite you to meet the Visual Artists of SEAF 2023.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression. The incredible creativity with which artists approach the subject of erotica is captured in all manner of visual media: painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, prints, mixed media, and more.

We are honored and beyond excited to present the visual artists who heeded our call to answer the question, “What is erotic?”

Masters of Erotic Art

This is the Festival’s highest honor. The Masters of Erotic Art program showcases artists who have made meaningful contributions to the realm of erotic art. View the full list of Masters of Erotic Art, of all mediums, here. The 2023 exhibition will include work by:

Michael A Rosen
john santerineross
David Steinberg

Stasia Burrington
Jim Duvall
Michele Serchuk

Juried Artists

This year’s exhibition was selected by: Natsiree Puttavon, Art Historian, Poet; Susan Wright, sexuality activist, writer; Meriah Gille, SEAF committee member, art collector, artist; Myron Curry, artist; Kelly Chance, art collector. Read more about the 2023 jury here.

Invited Artists

This year, the Festival is pleased to welcome guest curators Drea Talley and Cyra Jane. Drea Talley has selected a number of mythically inspired pieces into a small gallery titled Tell Me A Fable, and Cyra Jane has brought together a variety of sculptors and their works for the Touch Gallery, an interactive art experience.

Invited art presented as part of the exhibition is curated by Festival Director Sophia Sky Iannicelli, Exhibition Curator Andrew Moran, and Production Manager Ophelia Dauntless.

Please join us this April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall to see the breathtaking array of art from these talented artists, as well as literary readings, a variety of performances, and so much more.