In 2012, Seattle Erotic Art Festival unveiled our highest honor.

The Masters of Erotic Art program showcases artists who have made meaningful contributions to the history and development of erotic art.

Join us at this year’s Festival as we celebrate the work of all of our distinguished Masters of Erotic Art.

Masters of Erotic Art

Luminous Pariah

The Luminous Pariah is a Seattle-based interdisciplinary performance artist whose stellar artistic sensibilities and performances imbue the international community with creativity and sexuality.

John Santerineross

John Santerineross has been creating Black Symbolism art for over 20 years, using his craft to explore the darker side of sexuality.

Miss Indigo Blu

Miss Indigo Blue

Miss Indigo Blue, as the founder and Headmistress of the Academy of Burlesque, has launched a thousand pasties on stages all over the world, inspiring legions of humans to express themselves through a body-based art.


Paul Dahlquist

For over 70 years, Paul Dahlquist has been creating art, celebrating beauty, and striving to use art as a tool that makes the world “safer, saner and more just”.

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Michele Serchuk

Michele Serchuk’s work captures  the often subtle and always powerful forces that come from within to shape our sexuality.


Jim Duvall

Founder of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Jim Duvall ‘s award-winning fine art photography opens conversations about human sexuality.


Ellen Forney

Ellen Forney’s sex positive cartoons and Eisner Award-winning comics bridge the realms of literature and visual art with humor and compassion.


Betty Dodson

Artist, author, and Ph.D sexologist Betty Dodson is renowned for her groundbreaking presentations of feminist art and women’s sexual pleasure.


Charles Gatewood

Charles Gatewood’s pioneering photography has documented America’s sexual awakening and diversity, including the Modern Primitive movement.


Barbara Nitke

The world-renowned fine art photography of Barbara Nitke showcases a compassionate view of alternative sex and an insightful view of the adult film industry.


David Steinberg

David Steinberg’s impactful photography focuses on capturing the diversity of our human sexuality by showcasing a broad range of people.