The Pan Eros Foundation is the parent organization and sponsor of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, as well as many other sex positive events and activities in the greater Seattle area. For over a decade, their mission has been to celebrate and cultivate sexuality though the arts and education. Our goal is to create a better world by promoting respectful interaction through consent education. We aim to move society into acceptance of consensual sexuality as a healthy, integral part of being human. We support people in finding the type and amount of sexual pleasure that is right for them, respecting the spectrum from asexual to omnisexual.

Pan Eros puts on a wide range of exciting educational seminars and workshops. A number of highly successful larger events, including Seduction (Seattle’s sexiest Halloween party), Sexploration, and the Black Tie Affair, are also part of the Pan Eros yearly calendar. In addition, the Foundation created the Pan Eros Library, a research library of specialized and rare books on sexuality, gender, and relationships. Each year, the Pan Eros Foundation continues to grow and provide additional events and activities that promote their mission.

Open-minded people people of all backgrounds and skill sets are always welcome to offer time and resources to the Foundation. Please see the Pan Eros Volunteer page for more information on volunteering and their Donation page for more information on donating. Your contributions will help the Pan Eros Foundation keep their mission alive for years to come.