SEAF 2020 Tickets on Sale!

The first tier of tickets for #SEAF2020 are available! Now is the time to get the best price for the hottest art event in North America. You can enjoy all the festival has offer for a discounted price. The lower prices don’t mean you miss out on anything. All ticket tiers provide ticket holders with the same level of access. With the exception of the Velvet VIP ticket, of course. This on tiered pricing as a reward for being an early adopter.

Tier One Pricing

Festival Pass — $69

Friday Opening Gala Pass — $30

Saturday Gallery Hours Pass — $18

Saturday All Day Pass — $40

Sunday Gallery Hours Pass — $13

New VIP Ticket Pricing

Thanks to the helpful feedback of last year’s VIPs and Art Activists, we have updated our Velvet VIP tickets and offerings. You can choose VIP ticket for one or two people, and each ticket will include only one set of gifts. Instead of duplicated gifts, VIPs will have more treats and experiences in the Velvet Cabaret. Don’t worry, you will still get a catalog and Literary Anthology.

Velvet Festival Pass — $350/solo or $600/duo
Velvet Saturday Pass — $160/solo or $280/duo
Velvet Friday Pass — $120/solo or $200/duo

Tier one prices are good though February 15th. At 12:01am on February 16th, prices will change to tier two. You can read about tiered pricing on the festival Ticketing Information page.

Get your tickets here!