Introducing the 2024 Visual Artists

Hello you fabulous art lovers! We are a month out from the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival! The anticipation is building, and we are here today to…well, make it worse, if we’re being honest. How are we going to make it worse? By teasing you with a glimpse of what is to come. It is time that we introduce the 2024 Visual Artists.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression. The incredible creativity with which artists approach the subject of erotica is captured in all manner of visual media: painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, prints, mixed media, and more.

We are honored and beyond excited to present the visual artists who heeded our call to answer the question, “What is erotic?”

Masters of Erotic Art

This is the Festival’s highest honor. The Masters of Erotic Art program showcases artists who have made meaningful contributions to the realm of erotic art. View the full list of Masters of Erotic Art, of all mediums, here. The 2024 exhibition will include work by:

Juried Artists

This year’s exhibition was selected by: Paul Rosenberg, activist, author; Madame Umbra, artist, educator; diem, SEAF committee member, art collector, DJ; Shina, artist, gallery owner; Jan Hotes-Aprato, art collector, community volunteer. Read more about the 2024 jury here.

A Subtle Notion CO, US
aaron morgan WA, US
Adrien Miller WA, US
Al the Rebel NC, US
Alice Ruin WA, US
Alyssa Wood FL, US
Amy Funbuttons WA, US
Amy Hsieh WA, US
Art87jr LA, US
Ash WA, US
Bailee Hiatt WA, US
Bam Bam WA, US
Birds United Kingdom
Bonegloss VA, US
Bontes Divines Canada
C. A. Gray OR, US
Carl Hild CA, US
carpeLucis WA, US
Charlie Noble WA, US
Chippie Draws TX, US
Clone Art Designs WA, US
Cody Esp WA, US
Cody Shipman WA, US
Cory German WA, US
Dain Delaney WA, US
Darron Copeland CT, US
Dave Clay WA, US
David Steinberg CA, US
DE Form Photography WA, US
Deadly Desires Kink Art United Kingdom
Dollsexposed CA, US
Ehnita VerGowe WA, US
Elle Edwards WA, US

Feral Maz WA, US
Gabriel Bello Diaz WA, US
GirlSpit WA, US
Greg Chase WA, US
Hair Spun WA, US
Isadora Arkham WA, US
Jan Brady OR, US
Jay Angel Valentine WA, US
Jeff Hicks and Jed Vassallo – Flame Friends WA, US
Jeff Troy (sf.pinups) WA, US
Jess Butler WA, US
Jim Graham WA , US
Jin Kwak HI, US
Joel Julio WA, US
Jordan Hill AZ, US
Joy In Shadow NH, US
K Leo IL, US
Kenworthey WA, US
Khadoma Colomby WA, US
Kitten Underfoot WA, US
Lily Seville WA, US
Lisa Murray AZ, US
Logan Faerber WA, US
Marc DeBauch MN, US
Marcell Marias WA, US
Medusa WA, US
Miles Schlagel WA, US
Mindy TX, US
Nadia Vanilla AZ, US
Nikki Jabbora – Barber WA, US
Nora Rachel CA, US
Nuddee CA, US

Nymphidia Romania
Olivier Duhamel New Zealand
Opal Anomaly WA, US
Paulo Artistics and Erotics GA, US
QueerlyMade PA, US
Ras Alhague Poland
Raycie Paints WA, US
Reama Bubblez WA, US
RK Hobbs MD, US
Roderick Macdonald United Kingdom
Sadekaronhes WA, US
SameSource CA, US
Scott Kuehner WA, US
Sean Jackson OK, US
Sensualight PhotographyWA, US
Stephen Babcock CA, US
Sterling Powell WA, US
Sugar May OR, US
Tetiana Cherevan Ukraine
Thalissa Valery WA, US
The Cosmic Slut France
The Nudephilosopher TX, US
Thistle WA, US
Tom Tapit NY, US
Travis Brooks WA, US
Tucker Wulf WA, US
Tyler J Spencer OR, US
Verdant Lens WA, US
Wild Unfurling OR, US
Z Becos OR, US

Invited Artists

This year, the Festival is pleased to welcome guest curator Ophelia Dagger, who has selected a collection of works exploring darker fantasies.

Invited art presented as part of the exhibition is curated by Festival Director Sophia Sky Iannicelli and Exhibition Curator Andrew Moran.

Aaron El Sabrout Canada
adelenta WA, US
Adeline Poufong Canada
Aelektra WA, US
Agustina Forest WA, US
Al Wasco OH, US
ArteDeCruz WA, US
Arthur Pratt WA, US
astor rose bonder CA, US
Authenticityi WA, US
Bare Naked Tiffany WA, US
Bekah Boehm WA, US
Brennan Rigg WA, US
Bruja Diosa WA, US
Celine Achour France
Chthonic Photography WA, US
Darker Art WA, US
Distressed Egg WA, US
Echo Chernik WA, US
Eric Wilson GA, US
Eva WA, US
Fig Oaks WA, US
Foxfaer WA, US
Francois Dubeau Canada
Genea Morrow WA, US
Ginna Montero WA, US

Graciously Anxious WA, US
Hermes TX, US
High5ivePhotoLLC WA, US
Isiah Blake WA, US
Jadzia Quacks WA, US
Janna Malo Canada
Jared Lee Steiner WA, US
Jason R. Ackerman-Serendipity Photos NY, US
Jasper Bright NV, US
JB Laumond CA, US
Jim Duvall WA, US
Joe Brace WA, US
Jojo Ruby OR, US
KoboldOrion CO, US
Lizz Slabaugh WA, US
Lori Adelle WA, US
Lucian Sandoval WA, US
M. Curry Designs WA, US
Madame Umbera Japan
Maddox WA, US
Mahshid Tabatabaei CA, US
Malakai Schulz WI, US
Matt Borrillo OR, US
Meadow Molly WA, US
Megan Stelljes WA, US
Michael A Rosen CA, US

Michele Serchuk NY, US
Molly Reusser WA, US
Natasha Crouch WA, US
neev WA, US
Nelli Varavva CA, US
Nero Villagallos O’Reilly WA, US
Nureo Sugiura Japan
Oliver Hyde WA, US
Pomegranate Muse AZ, US
Quel WA, US
Rebeca Soto CA, US
Rebecca García WA, US
Risqué Alter Ego US
Röble CA, US
Ryan William OR, US
Sangmin Tang Lee WA, US
Sharika Onyea SC, US
Shina’s Gallery WA, US
Slippery Foxtrot WA, US
Stasia Burrington WA, US
T. Erin WA, US
Tatyana Brown WA, US
Théo Polymorphos FL, US
Zoe Zaviski MI, US
Ɂasabak WA, US