Introducing the 2024 Visual Art Jury

Hello, dearest and best beloved artists and art lovers! The Call for Art is sashaying into its final week. We thought we’d interrupt your mad scramble before the deadline and invite you to take a breath. Drink some water. Get yourself a treat. Oh, and come meet our 2024 Visual Art Jury!


Shina’s Gallery is an Multimedia Afrocentric art gallery and non profit organization. Shina uses art to challenge societal norms and advocate for equality, justice, and the empowerment of marginalized voices. Her art is a testament to the power of representation and the celebration of black women and cultural heritage.

Jan Hotes-Aprato

Jan (they/them) has been a member of the sex positive community for over a decade. They have volunteered with several groups and were the Managing Director of the CSPC for 2.5 years. They and their spouse have participated in SEAF almost every year and are becoming collectors of erotic art in addition to being enthusiastic SEAF supporters. In the last couple of years they became a parent, which has both expanded their family and their passion to build connections with the sex positive community for the next generation.

Madame Umbra

Since a young age, Madame Umbra has had a passion for art and creative expression.Her favorite mediums are watercolors, digital painting, and drawing. Her influences range from classical to modern and personal experiences, interaction with world cultures, and historical events. She currently lives in Nagoya, Japan, where she studies and volunteers, while working with the local art and fetish communities.

Dave “diem” Martinez

Dave “diem” Martinez’s (he/him) love of art is based in the same way he approaches music: he wants it to bring emotion. diem gravitates to outright joy, while also being drawn to dark and gritty elements. He has a penchant for modern art styles, and primarily collects street art. This love of art led diem to get involved with SEAF in 2009 as a volunteer, where he has been involved on and off since. In 2022, he joined the planning team as the Director of Sound.

diem resides in the Pacific northwest, having called Seattle home since 2001. As a DJ, he has performed in clubs and at festivals across the US, Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico. He defines his sound as “hardtribaldisco”, which is a blend of tribal Latin rhythms, hard funk, house beats, and breaks, to become the layered evil disco that gets everyone’s booty moving.

Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg (he/him) is host of The Heart of Jacks Podcast, founder and manager of the world-renowned Rain City Jacks, author of the forthcoming, The Heart of Jacks: The History and Culture of Jack-Off Clubs, and founding member and co-director of Princess Guy, “Seattle’s Most Fabulous Vocal Quartet™.” A native of Chicago, Paul is staunchly atheist, shamelessly erotophilic, culturally Jewish, and remarkably in love with one brilliant man for over three decades. Paul credits his sister, Cher, for teaching him, “When you fall in love with a work of art, buy it. You’ll never regret it.”

The 2024 Visual Art Jury can only see your art if it is submitted before the deadline! The Call for Art closes on January 15. It’s not too late, my darlings! These fabulous humans are excited to see your art! If you have any questions, please feel free to go check out our Call for Art pages, which are just full of information (as well as a handy video tutorial on how to use the portal). If that fails, you can always contact [email protected].