In 2022, the decision was made to bring Film back to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. In order to do this properly, to give the deserved focus and attention to the films and their creators, it needed to be more than it had in the past. Our most passionate advocates for Film came together, and the Pan Eros Film Festival is the result of their efforts.

Since its inception, PEFF has attracted work from artists across the globe, conveying a range of subjects and sexualities. PEFF features two programs, Short Films and Silent Films. The Short Film program features a selection of short films under 15 minutes in length which are screened in-person at the Pan Eros Film Festival in SIFF Film Center. There are five screenings scheduled on April 27-28, 2024. The Silent Film program features a selection of silent films under 15 minutes in length which are continuously screened for three full days at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival in Exhibition Hall from April 26-28, 2024.

Pan Eros Film Festival, a celebration of diverse and thought-provoking cinema, delivered an extraordinary experience that left its audience mesmerized. As the recipient of the coveted Audience Award, this festival proved to be a true gem, captivating viewers with its exceptional lineup of films that explored the realms of passion, love, and desire.

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We are excited to present the third annual Pan Eros Film Festival at the SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center.

The Silent Film Program is showing within the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and requires a separate admission.

In preparation for our highly anticipated third season, the Pan Eros Film Festival is proud to revisit our most celebrated short films from the 2022 and 2023 showcases! Please join us on March 15, 2024 at 7:30 pm for one night at the Northwest Film Forum as we look back at the erotic art films that engaged us, titillated our senses, and made us think. These 15 unique narratives from across the world explore the intricacies of human connection across the broad spectrum of gender and sexuality. More information can be found here.