Pan Eros Film Festival: Best of Seasons 1 and 2

In preparation for our highly anticipated third season, the Pan Eros Film Festival is proud to revisit our most celebrated short films from the 2022 and 2023 showcases! Please join us on March 15, 2024 at 7:30 pm for one night at the Northwest Film Forum as we look back at the erotic art films that engaged us, titillated our senses, and made us think. These 15 unique narratives from across the world explore the intricacies of human connection across the broad spectrum of gender and sexuality. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of poignant storytelling and visual artistry!

Taste of Love

Vienna, Austria | Paul Scheufler

“What is the taste of love?“ Could it be sweet, sour, bitter, or even salty? A girl embarks on an aromatic journey of love, stimulating her taste buds to the point of climax. With all senses, she explores the various forms love can take on. “Love is as diverse as our sense of taste.”

Jeux Dits (Let’s Play)

Pully, Switzerland | Katia Sauthier

Alix, married and mother of two children, decides to counter the wear and tear of time that threatens her relationship… To make her relationship last, what games will she play?

Coming In

Annecy, France | Romane Etienne and Louis Devignes

A knight ventures to the demon’s lair to save a princess. However, the epic battle he prepared for will not be as expected.

The Little Death

Mexico City, Mexico | Pedro Lavin

In this visual poem set in contemporary Mexico, two lovers share an afternoon of passion as an ancient deity from their dreams performs an orgiastic dance that mirrors their ecstasy.

The spirit visitor, known only as the Little Death, leads the couple on an oneiric journey of transformation and rapture. Heralded by strange, symbolic visions the trio come to an ecstatic climax; as the walls between reality and fantasy collapse. Like orgasm itself, the spirit’s ritual ends where it began in an infinite cycle of love, life and death.

Told through magical realism and Mexican mythology, the film represents a homecoming for filmmaker Pedro Lavín who, with La Pequeña Muerte, returns to his roots to tell a story that is uniquely queer, and singularly Mexican.

The Hidden in the Pain

Mashhad, Iran | Danial Ghasemian

Unusual love is created by unusual body.

Estética Unisex (Unisex Aesthetic)

Puno, Peru | Alvaro Acosta Gutierrez

The lives of three trans women come together through Mishell´s memories. From Huancayo City to Atta Alley in Puno, Peru; the memory comes with music, dance, and also death.


Mexico City, Mexico | Diana Juárez Rodriguez

A sonnet by the writer Ramón Bolívar, where the sensuality of homoerotic encounters is explored. Through a series of literary images, the poem suggests a story, but never shows it, rather it places greater emphasis on tactile sensations and the avid drives sustained in the mystery of the erotic encounter.

Ghost Song

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Joseph Keckler and M. Sharkey

A narrator reveals the details of a mysterious, transformative encounter that took place in a remote locale. Joseph Keckler is a musician, writer, and artist whose work (which includes songs, films, stories, and performances) has been presented by NPR Tiny Desk, Lincoln Center and many other venues.

Dix Pix

Glasgow, Scotland | Steven Fraser

Dix Pix is a short animated documentary that looks at the gay male/trans/non-binary body and why it is common for people to send naked pictures via dating apps. The documentary takes an experimental approach in its visual style and tackles themes of masculinity, queerness, solitude and the body.

Centrifugado (Spin cycle)

Barcelona, Spain | Ignacio Rodó

Your washing machine has several programs. For your Tinder dates, we would strongly suggest using the spin cycle.

Bodies of Desire

Mumbai, India | Varsha Panikar

Using Varsha Panikar’s poetry series by the same name, as the point of departure, Bodies of Desire is a visual poetry film co-directed by them and Saad Nawab. The film captures four sets of lovers amid passion; to create a portrait of tender intimacy, of longing, of discovery, of desire, of embrace and care, of profound companionship. It is a sensual celebration of gender-less love and desire, inspired by the poet’s lived reality.

A Real Job

Manchester, United Kingdom | Lawrence Essex

As she goes about her day job, Eva grapples with the complex emotions that come with being a stigmatized and often misunderstood member of society. Through her inner monologue, we hear her thoughts on the discrimination she faces, the challenges of her work, and the double standards that exist in the way sex workers are treated. Ultimately, the film serves as a stylistic exploration of the lived experiences of sex workers and the broader issues surrounding their profession.

The Confession

Vancouver, BC, Canada | GoAskAlex and Ursinae Vespéral

A woman who has strayed from her righteous path asks forgiveness from the inside of a dimly lit confessional. As she describes her sins, the viewer is transported into her sapphic fantasies before climaxing in a surprise twist ending.

“The Confession” is written, directed, filmed, edited, and cast entirely by sex workers in British Columbia, Canada. The film focuses on exploring queer desire within the confines of a church confessional booth, as inspired by the writer’s own lived experiences facing homophobia (both internalized and externalized) and realizing her queer identity.


San Juan, Puerto Rico | Eric Yamil Cruz, Sergio Daniel

A man’s love letter to his personal history. “I’m in the dense dust that was once Puerto Rican sugar.”

Make That Sound

Seattle, WA, United States | David Keogh

Made with love in Seattle.