What attire is appropriate for the Festival?

We like being an event where people dress up in many different ways, from black-tie to high fetish or even dazzling costumes. You’ll see the full range, from casual jeans to dance club attire to full leathers to barely anything at all.  The only hard rule is what Washington State law requires; that is to say, no bare genitalia. If you are female-bodied or female-identified and would like to go topless, we politely request that you use tape or pasties to cover your nipples.

Most of all, we want you to feel comfortable and sexy. Wear whatever makes you feel that way!

Still unsure what kind of dress would be best? Photos from our past events are a great frame of reference!

Are there age restrictions?

Yes, you must be 18 years old or older to attend the Festival during Gallery Hours, and 21 years or older to attend the Festival during the evening hours.

You must be 21 years old or older to purchase alcoholic drinks from the on-site bars and everyone must have a valid photo ID.

Who attends the Festival?

Singles, couples, and groups are all welcome, as long as everyone is above the age limit. While our event certainly makes for a great date night, it also represents an opportunity for singles to meet new people.

We feature such a broad range of art and activities that everyone will find something they enjoy at the event. Whether you are an avid art lover, a people-watcher, a late-night dancer, or all of the above – there’s something at the Festival for you to enjoy.

Can I take photos during the event? Will photos be taken of me?

We have staff photographers who document the Festival. For information on photography and filming during the Festival, please read our photography policy.

You always have the option of declining to pose for a photographer, though you may be in wide angle or crowd shots. If you have concerns about being recognized, we encourage you to attend in masquerade or costume yourself so that your identity is obscured.

What happens if someone is giving me unwanted attention?

While there is no harm in flirting, “no” means no. We use the Pan Eros Foundation’s Consent Policy as a code of conduct for our events.

Everyone is expected to communicate and be respectful of boundaries. Typically our attendees are very well behaved. We have trained professional security throughout the Exhibition Hall, so in the rare case that unwanted attention is persistent, you can safely report this to any of our clearly-identifiable security staff. The situation will be dealt with promptly and politely. We also have Consent Advocates on premises who are available for conversation, as well as support with any uncomfortable situations.

We are passionate about providing an exciting and safe experience.

Is sex allowed?

No, sex is not allowed at the Festival. Alcohol is served, which means nudity is prohibited. The Festival is a sexy, flirtatious environment, but it is not a sex event.

What about weapons or firearms?

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival does NOT allow patrons and guests to bring dangerous weapons or firearms on the event premises.


Should I buy tickets in advance?

Yes, we encourage everyone to purchase tickets in advance. Visit our ticketing page for more information on ticket tiers and pricing.

I can only attend one day. Which day should I go?

Perusing our schedule can help you decide which day you’d find the most to your liking. Friday is our opening gala and is generally more refined, with live music and performances. Saturday has a livelier energy with performances and  late night DJs. Sunday hosts a special brunch, panel discussions and focuses on conversations around the art. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on a specific day, buy a weekend pass! You can come and go as you please throughout all three days. Pick and choose performances you are most excited for while watching the curated films between sets. Then enjoy the late night DJ party with your friends on Saturday while also brunching with other art enthusiasts on Sunday.

I can’t afford a ticket. How can I attend the Festival?

If you can’t afford to attend, we can arrange for a trade through volunteer time! Fill out our quick volunteer form and our Volunteer Direction Team will be in touch with details about available opportunities and rewards. There are a limited number of spaces and we cannot guarantee a spot for everyone, so please act as soon as you know you would like a trade.

There are also occasional opportunities offered for discount ticket purchase. Stay tuned by following the news feed on our homepage for more details!

I’m coming from out of town. Which hotels would you recommend?

We’re currently deliberating over potential discounts for our attendees. Please keep checking our social media channels and newsletters for updates! 

Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center is fully accessible for all attendees. 


What art will be at the Festival?

The Festival displays all mediums and forms of erotic art of all styles. Plan to enjoy world-class erotic art in the form of sculpture, painting, illustration, photography, short films, performances, poetry, short stories, interactive installations, lectures and discussions, erotic merchandise and so much more!

How is the art selected?

For all Festival art – visual, film, performance, literary, installation and Festival Store art – we put out a corresponding Call for Art, and a team or Director curates the submissions. 

In addition, for visual art, literary art, and film, a jury of invited peers from the art and sex-positive communities review and select from submissions to assemble that year’s collections. To learn more about juries and juror review, visit the information page for our visual art selection process.

If you are interested in showing your work in future years, please sign up for our free newsletter to stay up to date on our Calls for Art and other important announcements.

How do I learn more about the art and purchase it?

We have a team of trained on-site Docents who are there to teach you about the art and assist you in purchasing the pieces you love. Docents can be identified throughout the Festival by their white scarves and “Ask me about the art” badges. Docents have an information table close to the main entrance, identified by a neon “Art Sales” sign. Please feel encouraged to approach them and ask for assistance.

The Festival Store has its own team of trained volunteers, ready to answer your questions and assist you with purchasing items specifically in the Festival Store. Check back for more info and updates regarding the Festival Store later this month!

Is the art available for sale?

Yes, the exhibition art is available for sale. Prices range from $200 and up. 

We also feature thousands of prints, cards, sculptures, and other artwork in our popular Festival Store, with pieces to suit every budget and taste. 


How can I stay up to date on all your exciting news?

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How can I support the Festival?

We are produced by a 501c3 nonprofit and could not exist without the support of hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, donors, and more. If you believe in what we are doing, please join us in bringing it to life.

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