What attire is appropriate for the Festival?

We like being an event where people dress up in many different ways, from black-tie to high fetish or even dazzling costumes. You’ll see the full range, from casual jeans to dance club attire to full leathers to barely anything at all.  Washington State law forbids bare genitalia or nipples/areolae. The covering of nipples/areolae is required regardless of gender or sex. Keeping that in mind, you do you.

Most of all, we want you to feel comfortable and sexy. Wear whatever makes you feel that way!

If you’re still not sure or you’re hoping for some ideas, go take a look at our photos of past events.

Are there age restrictions?

You must be 21 years and older to attend the Festival on Friday and Saturday. You must be 21 years old or older to purchase alcoholic drinks from the on-site bars

You must be 18 years or older to attend the Festival on Sunday during Gallery Hours.

According to Washington State law, only patrons with a physical copy of their valid, unexpired ID may enter.

The only acceptable forms of identification for proof of age are:

  • Driver’s License from any US State or Province of Canada
  • Identification Card from any US State or Providence of Canada
  • US Military Active Service or Dependent ID
  • Merchant Marine Card
  • Official International Passport issued by any nation
  • Current Temporary WA State Driver’s License or ID card*
  • Current federally-recognized WA State Tribal ID

Please note that all IDs must show date of birth, signature (except military IDs), photograph of bearer, and expiration date. If any information on the ID is missing or obscured for any reason, it is invalid. Permanent resident cards and ID cards issued by US Territories do not fall under the categories above and are not considered valid.

Patrons without a physical ID that is unexpired will not be permitted entry.

*Temporary driver’s license or ID card must include a photo. If it does not, it must be accompanied by the expired license or ID card.

Who attends the Festival?

Singles, couples, and groups are all welcome, as long as everyone is old enough to get in and has their ID. It’s a great date night. It’s a better way to meet new people.

We feature a broad range of art and activities – everyone will find something they enjoy at the event. Maybe you’re there to see the art, or even buy some art. Maybe you’re there for the signings or to hear the readings. Maybe you’re there for the aerialists, the rope bondage performances, or the main stage acts. Maybe you’re there to dance and look sexy AF, or watch other people dance and look sexy AF. Maybe you’re here for all of it. Whatever it is, we got you.

Can I take photos during the event? Will photos be taken of me?

You are permitted to take pictures with your cellphone camera only. We have staff photographers who document the Festival. For information on photography and filming during the Festival, please read our photography policy.

By attending the festival, you are consenting to having your picture taken by our photography team. You always have the option of declining to pose for a photographer, of stepping out of a shot, or telling the photographer (politely) that you do not wish to be photographed. However, there is always a chance you may still end up in a wide angle shot. If you have concerns about being recognized, we encourage you to attend masked or costume yourself so that your identity is obscured.

What happens if someone is giving me unwanted attention?

We use the Pan Eros Foundation’s Consent Policy as a code of conduct for our events. Everyone is expected to communicate and be respectful of boundaries.

Typically our attendees are very well behaved, but there is always a risk with large events and alcohol. We have trained professional security throughout the Exhibition Hall, so in the rare case that you receive unwanted attention, you can safely report this to any of our clearly-identifiable security staff. The situation will be dealt with promptly and politely. We also have Consent Advocates on premises who are available for conversation, as well as support with any uncomfortable situations.

We are passionate about providing an exciting and safe experience.

Is sex allowed?


Sex is not allowed at the Festival. Alcohol is served, which means sex and nudity are prohibited. Yes, even in the bathrooms.

What about weapons or firearms?

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival does NOT allow patrons and guests to bring dangerous weapons or firearms on the event premises.


Should I buy tickets in advance?

Yes, we encourage everyone to purchase tickets in advance. You’ll get inside faster and you don’t have to worry about tickets selling out. Visit our ticketing page for more information on ticket tiers and pricing.

I can only attend one day. Which day should I go?

Check the schedule and see what sounds the most exciting to you. Friday is our Opening Gala and has more of a bougie party feel, with live music and performances. Saturday during the day is full of readings and discussions, while Saturday night has a high energy vibe with performances and late night DJs. Sunday Gallery Hours is the most relaxed, though there are still a few readings and panel discussions. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on a specific day, come for the weekend! A weekend pass gets you in all three days, any time we’re open. Pick and choose the performances, readings, discussions, and times that work best for you.

I can’t afford a ticket. How can I attend the Festival?

If you can’t afford to attend, you can always volunteer! What you get for how many hours is all laid out on the Volunteer Page, but the quick version is you get to attend the festival the day of your shift, and if you work set up (before we open) each 2 hours will get you a 50% discount on a 1 day ticket purchase, and if you work 4 hours you can choose two 50% off codes or a code for a free 1 day ticket. It’s slightly more complicated than that, so make sure you check out the Volunteer page.

Keep in mind, some volunteer shifts fill up faster than others. So if you want to make sure you get the position you’re hoping for, sooner is better.

I bought tickets, but my plans changed. Can I get a refund?

No. Due to the nature of the event, no refunds are given for tickets to the festival or its concurrent events. Tickets are fully transferable, though, so you are welcome to sell or gift your ticket to another person. The name on the ticket does not need to match the name on their ID except for Velvet VIP Passes. If you are transferring your Velvet VIP Pass, you must contact [email protected].

I’m coming from out of town. Which hotels would you recommend?

We’re currently deliberating over potential partnerships. Please keep checking our social media channels and newsletters for updates!

Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Exhibition Hall at the Seattle Center is fully accessible to anyone using mobility aids.


What art will be at the Festival?

The Festival displays all mediums and forms of erotic art of all styles. Plan to enjoy world-class erotic art in the form of sculpture, painting, illustration, photography, short films, performances, poetry, short stories, interactive installations, lectures and discussions, erotic merchandise and so much more! Please remember that sexuality is a broad category and you may see unexpected imagery along that vast spectrum.

How is the art selected?

For all Festival art – visual, film, performance, literary, installation and Festival Store art – we put out a corresponding Call for Art, and a team or Director curates the submissions. 

In addition, for visual art, a jury of invited peers from the art and sex-positive communities review and select from submissions to assemble that year’s collections. To learn more about juries and juror review, visit the information page for our visual art selection process.

If you are interested in showing your work in future years, please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our Calls for Art and other important announcements.

How do I learn more about the art and purchase it?

We have a team of trained on-site Docents who are there to teach you about the art and assist you in purchasing the pieces you love. Docents can be identified throughout the Festival by their white scarves and docent staff badges. Docents have an information table close to the Festival Store, identified by a neon “Art Sales” sign. Please feel encouraged to approach them and ask for assistance.

The Festival Store has its own team of trained volunteers, ready to answer your questions and assist you with purchasing items specifically in the Festival Store.

Is the art available for sale?

Yes, the exhibition art is available for sale. Prices range from $200 and up. 

We also feature thousands of prints, cards, sculptures, and other artwork in our popular Festival Store, with pieces to suit every budget and taste. 


How can I stay up to date on all your exciting news?

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How can I support the Festival?

We are produced by a 501c3 nonprofit and could not exist without the support of hundreds of volunteers, sponsors, donors, and more. If you believe in what we are doing, please join us in bringing it to life.
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