Tips & Tricks for submitting art for SEAF2018

Friday is the last day for you, our magnificent makers of erotic artistic wonders, to get that sweet $16 submission price for your art. You have until 11:59pm on Friday, December 15th to pay your fee to get the discount. Starting 12:01am on Saturday, December 16th, the submission fee will be the standard $35.

There’s a few things we’d like to remind you of to help you achieve maximum potential for your submissions.

  • Most important is to remember that you have until the close of the call for art on January 15th to edit your submissions, so don’t stress if it’s not quite finished yet.
  • You need to make your payment before you can upload art. Except for performance submissions, as there is no fee for those. For a step-by-step process of the submission process, go to the FAQ page and scroll past the dates.
  • Also, while there are three places to upload images, we only consider one piece per entry, so use those extra images to highlight specific details of your piece or other angles if your submission has 3 dimensions.
  • On the subject of images, If you typically use a watermark or other lettering on your images to protect your work, please leave it off for the images you upload. It makes it difficult for our jurors and we promise to never publish an artist without their express permission.
  • Speaking of publishing artists, if you use a pseudonym or professional name, make sure that it is the name that appears in your biography (we don’t edit those, they appear as you write them).
  • Also, even though you can edit your submission until the 15th of January, you should go ahead and finish your biography and profile when you first submit just to save yourself some time and maybe a headache later. And finally, double and triple check all your spelling, if there is an error, obvious or otherwise, we will assume it is part of your art and leave it as is.

Whew, okay. That was kind of a lot but bear with us as we give you our last couple of tips about the jury. Because we hand select a new five people to be jurors every year, we have no way of knowing what types of eroticism will titillate them most, so you might as well submit what titillates you most! Specifically for photography, what has been successful in the past is things that are out of the realm of ordinary, so pack it so full of emotion it’s practically smacking you in the face, and smoothing out that post-processing until it’s nearly unnoticeable. So all you shutterbugs out there, put your hearts on your sleeves, get weird with it, and make those photoshop edits seamless.

Alright, that should just about cover it. Now go out there and make art that really matters to you and your models because the more passion you have for your art the more passion shines through to our jurors!

Submit Your Art!