Specific Call for Stage Performers

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, One and All!

Stage Performance Director Jesse Belle-Jones

Listen close because we’re about to be going over some swift tips and need-to-knows for our performers. Specifically our stage performers, if you’re aiming for interactive or ambulatory or ambient performance then you should be talking to our Interactive Performance Team. Now, all of our art is important and folks come from far and wide to experience art they know they won’t typically see here in Seattle. Which is why we prefer to give our patrons previously unseen/unmade/underrepresented works. At the Festival Staff’s discretion we may curate additional performances. Everyone who performs at the festival is commissioned a compensation they negotiated with our staff.

Ready to buckle up? Because it’s about to get a little more formal than friendly, this next bit’s important and different than our visual submission rules.

Stage Performance Specific Guidelines

  • You may be asked to attend an audition/rehearsal(s) with dates we haven’t yet determined
  • You must be aged 21 years on/before April 28, 2017
  • You may only submit performance art of your own making
  • You must submit your proposal while our Call for Art is open (12/01/2017 – 01/15/2017). The deadline for submissions is Monday January 15th at 11:00pm PST, after that you won’t be able to access our system. So make sure you have all of your information correctly entered before that time comes.
  • You must complete an Artist Profile in our Artist Portal.
  • You may not submit your performance or pay your fees in our Artist Portal, ONLY register as an artist.
  • You should head on over to our Artist Portal and complete your Artist Profile.

Once you have registered an artist profile…

SEAF2017 Curator Ms. Briq House

Once you’ve completed registering as an artist at our Artist Portal, we need you to submit your proposal as an email to this lovely inbox: [email protected]

  • Send a separate email for each performance piece you would like to propose for our consideration
  • You should tag the subject of your email as follows, “[Artist Name] [Performance Title] Performance Submission for SEAF 2018”
  • Now in the body of that email, you should include the following information, preferably in order because it really helps us more than you know.
  • A legal name(if you’re part of an ensemble, we only need one representative for the submission process, choose a sacrifice)
  • Your professional/artist/performer name(if it’s different than your legal name, no need to be redundant)
  • Your preferred billing name
  • A Biography and Photo to be used in promotion of yourself (if you’re an ensemble without a group photo let us know then select a photo representative of your work)
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Email
  • Your mailing address
  • A delightful description of your proposed performance to be no longer than 250 words (seriously that “words” we just passed was 500. It’s starting to feel tedious, right? Okay, we’ll try to speed things up.)

This, in no way comprehensive, list is some of the things you might want to consider sharing with our Stage Performance Curators in those 250 words.

SEAF2018 Curator Shay Tiziano

    • Theme(s)
    • Mood and other general aesthetic qualities
    • Subject matter
    • Performance format
    • Duration
    • Number of performers
    • Costuming
    • Props/set pieces needed (and whether you will be able to provide them)
    • Technologies used
    • Influencing works, artists, techniques, etc.

Finally either link or attach all applicable aides.

    • Photo
    • Video (YouTube link preferred)
    • Music (if applicable)
    • Performer website URL
    • Artist statement


We want to see your saucy stage performance proposal!