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And we’re off! The Call for Art is open!

This is it!  It’s happening!  The moment we’ve been waiting for since last April (and possibly even before then)!  The Call for Art is open!  Now is the time, my clever creatives, to go forth and bestow upon us your art!  Naughty or nice, we don’t care, so long as it asks that ever important… Full Article »

The Call for Art is coming!

Artists, Authors, Aerialists, Acrobats, and other performers and creative beings who do not begin with an “A”! It’s that most wonderful time of the year! No, not that time. We of course refer to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s Call For Art! 46 glorious days of sharing your delightfully lascivious creations with us, and helping… Full Article »

Call For Art ends tonight!

The final hour is upon us!  Well, almost.  The 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival call for art ends tonight!  You have until 11 p.m. PST this evening to finish your submissions for this year’s Festival. Some things to double check, even for those of you who have completed your submissions: Make sure your Artist information… Full Article »

One Last Day To Submit Art

The time is upon us, you dazzling, creative darlings! The call for art ends tomorrow! If you need, take a moment to step outside and scream in panic. We’ll wait. Better? Splendid! It’s time to wrap up all your last minute details – finish that cross hatching, add that final layer in Photoshop, beg your… Full Article »

4 More Days Left in the Call For Art

Artists, go make art this weekend! Be sure your time before the SEAF2019 Call for Art closes is full of art making time! Complete the process of registering and uploading your art into the artist portal before 11pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, January 15. Important Things to Remember Pay your submission fee before uploading your… Full Article »

Tips & Tricks For SEAF2019 Call For Art

The entries are coming in from you, our magnificent makers of erotic artistic wonders, and we are so excited! You have until 11:00pm on Tuesday, January 15th to finish uploading all your art submissions. There’s a few things we’d like to remind you of to help you achieve maximum potential for your submissions. Most important… Full Article »

SEAF Wants to Sell Your Art

With less than two weeks left to submit to the 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, we thought we should take a moment to entice those of you still on the fence about submitting with the effectiveness of our exhibition. One of the main elements of our mission is to facilitate the enjoyment and purchase of… Full Article »

A Gift For Artists

We have a few gifts for artists of all kinds. We want to make submitting art as easy as possible so that we get the widest variety of art possible to put in front of our jurors. The first gift is an upgraded Artist Portal! Our new web guy, Dave, has put in a lot… Full Article »

Propose an Interactive Performance

Do you have a daring performance idea that can’t be confined to a stage? Maybe you want to gradually tie-up a partner during a tango. Maybe you want to walk semi-nude around in a cage to convey the boundaries we all walk around with. Or maybe just maybe you want create a special throne to… Full Article »

Presenting the 2019 Visual Art Jury

Assembled artists and lovers of art! Our Call For Art continues apace, and we are tantalized and titillated by everything coming in! We thought this would be the perfect time to introduce all of you to our SEAF 2019 Visual Art Jury! Our jurors come to us from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and… Full Article »