One Last Day To Submit Art

The time is upon us, you dazzling, creative darlings! The call for art ends tomorrow! If you need, take a moment to step outside and scream in panic. We’ll wait.

Better? Splendid!

It’s time to wrap up all your last minute details – finish that cross hatching, add that final layer in Photoshop, beg your friend to give it a read, make sure your timing in spot on – because you only have until 11 pm PST on Tuesday, January 15th to upload your submissions for the 2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival. (Unless you’re submitting for Staged or Interactive performances, because you delightful dears should be emailing us.)

We know we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – because repetition is how we build memory – but remember that each year brings with it a new jury with new tastes and new ideas as to what is erotic. So, that piece you submitted last year that didn’t get selected? That’s no reason to be discouraged, this year might be its year. Not just for being accepted, but perhaps even a shiny award.

Each year our jurors select three artists to receive the “Jury’s Pick Awards”. Award winners’ works receive a fancy ribbon denoting their prize, are invited to return to the next festival as invited artists, and a special surprise perk! These pieces are showcased during our Art Docent tours, which take place regularly throughout the Festival. Additionally, some of our juror’s decide to lead art tours and while we’re not saying they will go on at length about their favorite pieces, it has been known to happen.

Jury’s Pick Award

Additionally, another award waiting in the wings is the Foundation Award. The piece that receives this award is purchased by the Pan Eros Foundation for its private collection. The Foundation Award winner is also welcomed back to the Festival as an invited artist the following year. And, of course, bragging rights. You can see last year’s award winners here.

And please do not forget to fill out those bios and artistic statements in the notes sections, too. It’s okay if you forgot to do it earlier, go do it now! Each year we suggest our Art Docents select 3 artists to become experts on, which means those particular artist’s works are included and focused on during our Art Docent tours.

You have a little over 36 hours! The clock is ticking, darlings, and we are practically beside ourselves waiting for your magnificent, sexy art!