A Gift For Artists

We have a few gifts for artists of all kinds. We want to make submitting art as easy as possible so that we get the widest variety of art possible to put in front of our jurors. The first gift is an upgraded Artist Portal! Our new web guy, Dave, has put in a lot of hours to make little adjustments here and there so the site is easier to use and more efficient. So even though the site looks similar, be on the look out for small differences.

Back By Popular Demand

Visual artists, you now have the option of paying a second submission fee of $35 to get 5 more entries! All you need to do to take advantage of this option is to go to “Payments” page after you have uploaded your first five entries. Click on the blue button that says “+ Pay To Submit Visual Art”. Voilà! Now you can upload more art.

Sorry, writer, poets, and authors, there is not an additional submissions option for literary.

Performers Bypass the Portal

Interactive performance by Mother Tongue Arts during SEAF2018

Performance artists no longer have a limit on submissions now that proposals no longer go through the Artist Portal. Proposals for stage acts should be emailed to [email protected]. Proposals for acts that are interactive or roam should be emailed to [email protected]. You can read more about specific guidelines for Interactive performance submissions here.

Performers who have memorabilia, small works of art, or other merchandise that they want considered for the Festival Store will want to register as an artist in the portal. Once you register and create an artist profile, then you can upload pieces for curation by the Festival Store Manager.

Fee Waived for Festival Store

That’s right, there is no submission fee to submit your work to the SEAF store. Our museum quality Festival Store is a great way for artists to get their work seen by more people and into new homes! The Festival Store is a great place to offer small prints or sculptures, jewelry, novelties, books of all kinds, music, dvds, apparel, and merchandise associated with your art. You still need to register and create and artist profile. Once you register you can choose “My Submissions” in the top menu, then click on the blue button that says “+Submit Store Art”.


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