Presenting the 2019 Visual Art Jury

Assembled artists and lovers of art!

Our Call For Art continues apace, and we are tantalized and titillated by everything coming in! We thought this would be the perfect time to introduce all of you to our SEAF 2019 Visual Art Jury! Our jurors come to us from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, and are brought together by a common love of art and an enthusiasm to see the erotic reflected in art. So without further adieu, may we present (in no particular order) our jury:


SEAF 2019 Visual Art Jury: JessicaJessica is an avid supporter and contributor to the erotic arts community. After moving to Seattle in 2011, she started taking pole dance classes as a way to beat the rainy weather. What resulted is an explosion of liberation through movement, and the desire to be an advocate and mentor for others interested in taking a journey in sex-positive growth and self-love.

Jessica is now a pole artist/dancer, performing at a number of events in and around Seattle and Las Vegas. She has also served as Writer/Marketing Lead for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, as well as a workshop facilitator in 2018, where she led an open discussion on how people define eroticism. Jessica’s mission in life is to help everyone enjoy and explore their bodies through the power of movement without shame (because, EVERY body is a work of art).


SEAF 2019 Visual Art Jury: Tracy RectorTracy Rector is a mixed race (Choctaw/Seminole) filmmaker, curator, community organizer, co-founder of Longhouse Media. She has directed and produced over 400 short films including the award-winning Teachings of the Tree People, March Point, Clearwater, and Ch’aak’ S’aagi, and is currently in production of her fifth feature documentary. Her work has been featured on Independent Lens, Cannes Film Festival, ImagineNative, National Geographic’, Toronto International Film Festival, and in the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian.

Tracy’s Longhouse Media has trained over 3,000 young people and focuses on galvanizing the Indigenous and local community through film production. Tracy is a 2016 Stranger Genius, has received the National Association for Media Literacy award for outstanding contributions made in the field of media education, is a Firelight Media Fellow, WGBH Producer Fellow, Sundance Institute Lab Fellow, Tribeca All Access Grantee, and is the recipient of the Horace Mann Award for her work in utilizing media for social justice. Tracy’s first major museum installation opened June 14, 2018 at the Seattle Art Museum.


SEAF 2019 Visual Art Jury: DaphnaA New York Native who has lived around the globe, Daphna has been a force of nature in all her endeavors. Playful, yet refined. Devilish, yet precocious. An accomplished high tech executive whom when not immersed in her work has played the part of an artist, model, muse, and art collector. Her collaborative work in the erotic arts have been featured globally and is in the permanent collection of NYC’s Museum of Sex.


SEAF 2019 Visual Art Jury: T.s. FlockT.s. Flock is a Seattle-based arts critic, writer, and co-founder of Vanguard Seattle, an arts, fashion and culture publication. He believes a critic’s chief aims should be to educate and interpret, not judge unilaterally—but he looks forward to working with his fellow jurors to select works that best represent the festival. Among themes in art, Flock’s personal favorites include: embodiment and transfiguration; the links between aesthetic and religious experience; the shared history of humanities and sciences; and queer epistemology.


SEAF 2019 Visual Art Jury: nellnell‘s artwork has exhibited at Seattle Erotic Art Festival, the Center for Sex and Culture, as well as on playa. She identifies as a gender queer, rock-climbing kinky switch with a social activist bent, and she is excited to be part of this year’s visual arts jury. The personal is political, and nell believes the festival does important work keeping avenues and conversations around eroticism and art open and engaged.


We welcome our jurors to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival’s Visual Art Jury, and look forward to the Festival they will help create!  For more information about submitting your art for the jury’s pleasure, read all about the call for art here.