Crunch Weekend 2024

Cancel your weekend plans, clean your cache, sharpen your pencils, make a last-minute art store run! Queue up “The Final Countdown!” This is it, my darling artists! The 2024 Call for Art ends this weekend. It’s time for the crunch.

We’ve been with many of you through this journey for a little while now, and we’ve learned there are two types of artists. Yes, okay, there are never just two types of anything. Go with me on this. Anyway! There are the artists that submit in the first week or so, and then there are the artists that submit in the last few days. Now, this is an observation, not a judgement. Many of us on the committee are “last few days” people. So in the spirit of togetherness, let’s kick off crunch weekend.

Crunch Weekend Survival Tips

Some of you may be waiting on the paint to dry. A few of you finished the art but just remembered you never finished entering it. A few more are waiting on that last proofread. Whatever the reason, this is your reminder that the clock is ticking. And we’ve got a few tips to keep in mind during crunch weekend.

  1. Hydrate. No, really.
  2. Check your names. Some of you use a pseudonym or professional name, and that’s fine! But make sure it’s spelled correctly and in the right place. Because we will do exactly what you told us to do. And if you put your real name in your bio, that is what we will print and put on our walls/in the book/on the website/you get it.
  3. Check your email for errors. We do almost all of our communication through email. If there is a typo in your email address, you will not receive that communication.
  4. Just check your email. We do a curtesy review of the art before it goes before the jury. If you didn’t adhere to one of the submission guidelines, but it looks like a small mistake rather than willful negligence, we’ll try to let you fix it. But you have to read the email to see that it happened.
  5. Did you hydrate? Great. Also grab a snack.
  6. Double check your submissions. Sometimes there’s a problem with the upload. This is usually from an internet hiccup. Even if you’ve been done since early December, go check your files. Make sure everything is there.
  7. Update your biography. If you put in copy pasta for your bio, and told yourself “I’ll update it later,” it is now later. We will print that flippant word salad you put in there and assume you think you’re being avant-garde.

One more thing!

Remember, once the Call for Art ends, the submission portal is locked. You will be able to log in and check whether or not your piece was accepted, but you will not be able to change anything. Also, you will not hear about whether or not your piece was accepted until after February 1. We’ve got a lot of art to go through, it’s going to take a minute.

Oh, and the Performance and Film calls are still going! Performance goes until February 9, Film goes until March 1.

If you have any questions, please feel free to go check out our Call for Art pages, which are just full of information (as well as a handy video tutorial on how to use the portal). If that fails, you can always contact [email protected].

May the muse be with you!