Enjoy Aaaahz! at SEAF 2018

Painting Parlor in Aaaahz!

Happy day to you all out there in a special land we like to call the Anticipatory. (Did anyone get that pun?) We’re feeling a bit playful right now because it’s time to tell you about “Aaaahz!”. If you’ve had the pleasure of joining us in recent years, then you might want to get excited about what we’re going to do this year. If this will be your first time and you’ve heard people mention “Aaaahz!”, then buckle up baby, it’s going to be a great time.

Aaaahz! is a sensual exploratorium where you can interactively experience a curated collection of erotic treats. We have a different lineup of events on Friday and Saturday this year.

Join us in the Painting Parlour where you can experience the erotic thrill of painting the naked human form. Paint by numbers, paint a pattern, or paint “free form.” The truly daring can become a canvas themselves!

Friday, April 27

In Aphrodesia on Friday, sample a tasting menu of sensual aphrodisiacs that you can succulently savor with a partner. Try it without looking. And please, play with your food! Aphrodesia is specially ticketed activity within the Festival. Secure your place at the table, so to speak, by purchasing your ticket online.

On Friday you can also take part in an anonymous “ice breaker” in Hot Chocolate. Don a mask and feed a stranger, or friend, in any manner you both like. Let your imagination take flight, and remember, consent is sexy.

Saturday, April 28

Season 2 of Aaaahmazingly Racy is coming Saturday night only. Once again, you will perform challenges to earn clues that take you on a tour throughout SEAF. Become part of our “ambient experience” as you race to the finish line where treats await. Aaaahmazingly Racy is specially ticketed activity within the Festival for a limited number of teams. Purchase your race entry online.

We end Saturday with Carnival of Delights. Push your inner erotic being to the edge with some toys and activities designed to get you going with a collection of sensations. You might even use your tickets to get some help from a friendly Sensationalist. Don’t let your clothes get in the way!

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