Countdown to SEAF – 5 Days Left!

We’re in the final stretch!  The Seattle Erotic Art Festival opens this Friday, at 6 p.m. in the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall!  There are so many reasons to be excited, but we thought we would tease you with this little countdown.  Not that we aren’t all excited already, but let’s bring it to a peak, shall we?

Countdown to SEAF – 5 Reasons to Volunteer

  • Lots of fun
    Volunteering at the festival is fun. Full stop. You’ll meet fascinating people, see some amazing art, watch some truly skilled performers, and have some truly unique experiences. All of the reasons to attend the festival are also reasons to volunteer, but there’s more!
  • Meet the artists
    Many of our volunteer positions will put you up close and personal with our artists. Additionally, a lot of our artists like to volunteer – they enjoy the festival, and like having a hand in making it happen beyond having their art on the walls. It’s a great opportunity to hear about the inspiration and work behind that piece you’ve been eyeing all weekend.
  • Get in the door
    Volunteering for SEAF gets you access to SEAF. We have a comprehensive break down on our volunteer page, but here’s the tl;dr. Any day you’re volunteering, you get in. If you volunteer during setup, 8 hours will get you a day pass, 16 hours will get you a full festival pass.
  • Be a part of SEAF
    Just going to a Festival is not the same as being a part of the Festival. When you volunteer for SEAF you become involved, you get behind the scenes peeks and stories, and it becomes your festival, not just an event you’re attending.
  • Fellow volunteers
    Every festival and convention says they have the best volunteers. They’re lying. We have the best volunteers. Our volunteers tend to be a diverse group of creative and interesting people with fun stories. We also have some of the sexiest volunteers. It’s documented.

And remember, if you’ve never volunteered for us before, head on over to our volunteer page and get yourself registered! We use a program called Volgistics, which will allow you to pick your shifts, the departments you would like to volunteer in, and learn more about the different volunteer openings as soon as they become available. It will also let you know if the position you’re interested in requires further training (like if you want to be a docent or work security). And if you have any questions, our Volunteer Coordinators are ready to help you, or direct you to the staff lead that can answer those questions!

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