We draw a diverse, affluent audience that knows how to show appreciation for generous sponsors

There are many reasons to have a supportive relationship with Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and our great mission is only one of them.

Now in our twentieth year, we’ve become an internationally-known brand, and that has earned us a very engaged audience as well as great media coverage. As someone in a supportive relationship with us, you would get those things as well.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is an excellent vehicle for reaching a frequently unsolicited market. Our partners receive benefits year-round through channels both digital and tactile. We place high value on small businesses with shared goals, and are pleased to tailor arrangements to meet the needs of our partners.

There are plenty of promotional opportunities for you or your business including web and print marketing. Our 2022 Festival at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall provides an excellent opportunity to reach a diverse local audience in addition to national and international artists and patrons who come to Seattle specifically to attend the long weekend of exhibition, performances, lectures and more.

Direct contributions to our parent organization, Pan Eros Foundation, are also tax deductible.

We hope you will consider this opportunity to promote your business while supporting a world-class event and far-reaching mission.

If you are interested, download our Sponsorship Package, outlining the details of our event, and the array of benefits we can offer our sponsors. Contact Sophia Iannicelli at [email protected] with questions and to begin discussing a partnership.

Sponsorship Package PDF Download

In-Kind Donations

It takes more than just guests and art to make a great party. It takes food, drink, music, hard work, and all sorts of things—big and small. We are working hard to keep our erotic and passionate community alive, and every year we are touched by what the community offers to support our mission. Every penny that we don’t have to spend is a penny that can go back into our artistic community.

If you can help, please let us know so that we can incorporate your generosity and thank you appropriately.