The Call for Visual Art

All artists 18 years old and over are encouraged to submit finished works of erotic art in any medium. Sculptors, multimedia artists, and painters, are particularly encouraged to apply. Submissions are made through a special artist portal, and this art is considered for our juried exhibition. The call for art opens December 1, 2024, and closes January 15, 2025. No submissions or changes to submissions will be accepted after January 15, 2025.

The Jury

To increase the scope and diversity of the selected exhibition art, the jury is comprised of five individuals: an artist, an art professional, an art collector, a sex-positive activist, and a Festival committee member. Jury members are selected by the Festival’s Steering Committee, and change each year except under special circumstances or on the basis of expertise in the realm of erotic art.

The jury for the 2025 Festival is being assembled.

Read about the 2025 visual art jury soon.

Selection Process

All submitted art is screened for adherence to Festival submission guidelines and standards. Jurors preview submitted art online, and then gather as a body to finalize their votes on which works to include in the Festival. Consensus is not required for art to be accepted, and we encourage jurors to debate and discuss the submitted art. The number of pieces selected is dependent on available wall space and varies from year to year; usually 200-250 pieces. Jurors never know whose work they are reviewing during the process; unknown and famous artists alike are given equal consideration and opportunity.

The jury will select pieces based on: depth of emotion, body diversity, quality of execution, originality of subject, and thought-provoking elements that ignite conversations about sexuality, identity, gender, relationships, art, and/or culture. Because the jury changes each year, we cannot predict or anticipate what will be chosen. We encourage artists to submit multiple pieces every year.

Please do not attempt to contact the jury, either before or after the selection process, about your art. Contacting a member of the jury for the purpose of swaying their vote, or even just explaining your art, is grounds for disqualification.

Invited and Curated Art

While juried work remains the majority of art showcased at the Festival, we invite artists whose work expands the representation, focus, conversation, and appreciation of erotic art. One of the Festival’s goals is to center marginalized and underserved artists and works depicting their experiences. To increase the scope of works shown, we also include specially-curated exhibits to feature artists from marginalized communities or explore specific themes.

The Festival Director, Exhibition Curator, and Visual Art Manager work together to invite artists and guest curators. They may ask the jury to give input on the invited art. Art submitted to the jury may become invited art at the discretion of the Festival Director or Curators.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].