A WOMAN in stylish top hat with skull make up.

Start planning your attire…

Thursday, October 24
Friday, October 25
Saturday, October 26

Doors Open 9PM  | 21+

309 First Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104



Seattle’s sexiest Halloween party has a new look – we’ve trimmed the excess, kept what sparked joy, and cannot wait to kick this off.  Music, dancing, aerials, bondage performances, and the hottest costumes to make it out of the bedroom await you at this year’s Seduction!

Seduction this year is offering three nights of Halloween revelry.  Come join us Thursday for Seduction Pre Game, a chill evening of more down tempo beats and bondage.  Come back on Friday or Saturday (or both!) for a more energized party complete with dancers, performers, and of course our curated erotic art showcase. We also have a number of fun activities planned for Friday and Saturday night, and we’ll be teasing out details about our interactive offerings soon!

dancing at seduction

Please join the Pan Eros Foundation and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival at Gallery Erato on October 24, 25, or 26.  And remember, Seduction is a fundraiser for the 2020 Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  By attending Seduction, you make SEAF go!

Tiered Pricing

Tiered ticket pricing is a way for the Seduction to be accessible for more people. There is no difference in access between the tiers of tickets. To cover the increased cost of credit card processing and staffing, tickets sold at the event are higher than tickets purchased in advance.

Early Bird – Thu: $10/Fri: $20/Sat: $25 – On sale through September 22nd
Advance – Thu: $10/Fri: $27/Sat: $32 – Before doors open
Door – Thu: $15/Fri: $35/Sat: $40- Once doors have opened each day

Purchase Your Tickets Here

DJs to seduce you onto the dance floor

Suitably sinister and enticing, the music and our go-go dancers will lure you downstairs into our lair for your dancing pleasure. This year, Cody Morrison of High+Tight is recruiting different DJs for all three nights.

More info about our seductive DJ is coming soon!

Bondage performances create a captivating night

Strength, beauty, and the macabre are guiding our choices in performers for Seduction. We are so very pleased to showcase the self-suspension bondage performances of Shay Tiziano on both Friday and Saturday night!

Expect wandering performers to entice you into their story as they move throughout the Gallery.

You will be able to read about our enticing performers soon.

Peruse the spellbinding collection of erotic visual art

Show Me Your Bones by Koray Kocaturk

Once again, our visual art showcase will explore the darker side of eroticism. You won’t be disappointed as we share works that span from the morbidly playful sensuality. Featuring the art of:

Rae Akino
Divine Mania (Francisco D.)

Michele Serchuk
Koray Kocaturk
Kat Cronn
Claire Dietrich
Jim Duvall


More information about our showcase artists is forthcoming upon their confirmation.

Interact, experience, and become a part of Seduction!

Decorative bondage, fortune telling, and interactive shenanigans make Seduction more than just a dance party. On Saturday night, The Tarot Troubleshooter will join us and offer readings. What Questions will you ask the cards?