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2015 Installations


Because erotic is more than just visual, and because we don’t want to require everyone to keep their hands off all the art, we include the work of visionary installation artists. For the sixth year, we have financially supported the creation of installations for you to explore and enjoy, inviting you to engage with erotic art.

Curated by Robert Hall in collaboration with Festival Director Sophia Iannicelli


Face Off by Bherd Studios

Artist will be battling artist in the first edition of “Face Off” presented by Bherd Studios! Artists will have 15 minutes to create work in each battle. Winner of each match will be determined by who generated the most for their piece in the live auction which happens after each match.


The Music Box Exploit by Eva Luna

Boxes are perhaps mere containers to most. Many of us have been tempted by the ornate decor and illusive mystery of a box closed to us. What happens when you turn the key and open yourself to such potentiality now set in motion?


Do I Offend You? by Beth McBeth

A walk-through installation where one comes face-to-face with an oversized vulva. The viewer must enter, and exit, through a narrow opening in a maze of red threads which convey and recreate all the emotions that may surface within one as they approach a vulva.


Me By Me by David Peterman

Me By Me is a fun and participatory installation – part photo booth, part art studio. This project asks participants to draw a life-size nude rendering of themselves and then to pose nude for a photo alongside their creation.


Love Seats

The Festival has purchased and invited artists to create cozy and enticing seating for the use of our ambient performers and you. Use them to rest and view the art, and then watch them become the stage for an impromptu performance.


lovers digest by Kevin MacDonald

lovers digest is a love seat modeled after the Venus Flytrap, hand made in steel and brass. Designed to mechanically re-configure into a seat for two, a small round bed, or to become a trap, it will offer a variety of ways for participants to interact with it and each other.


Live Painting – Mural by Xavier Lopez, Jr.

Xavier’s personal version of the classic Galatea paintings that adorned many a classic boudoir and western brothels. Come watch the mural take shape over the Festival!


The New Science of Philometrics by The New Philographers

A duo of inventors dedicated to making art generated from bodies, brains and emotions through biometric data. Their ongoing mission is to reveal secrets of love and kink through the clever misuse and perversion of science.


Sexercycle by JadeJaguar


To Crave And Confess by Redde Cesarzowa

Saturate pristine cards with your deep desires and best naughty stories, and place them on the altar. Take with you another’s confession and be encouraged by their spark, just as yours will encourage someone else. The high priestess of Eros will be on hand to offer blessings and indulgences.


Roots by Twisted Monk

Mixing one of humanity’s oldest tools, rope, with 21st century technology, Roots is a free standing, interactive sculpture that combines two of the artist’s loves: rope and nature.


Settees by Monica Depiesse and Geoff Sherwood


The Erotic Overflows

Utilizing digital technology, this continuous slideshow helps us transcend the spatial limitations of our venue, giving our patrons more art that strives to answer the question, “What is erotic?”


Live Painting – Mural by John Osgood

Watch John take over a section of our walls to paint idiosyncratic characters with a bold palette in an urban contemporary art style, incorporating canvases. Both canvases and mural wall panels will be for sale.


Sensation City – Center for Sex Positive Culture

Indulge in the return of a very special installation for the Festival! Sensation City is a mirrored stage, offering interactive demonstrations. There will be sexy performances, presentations, and other special opportunities for you to jump on stage and participate… all allowing you to learn more, have fun, and explore eroticism.