Letter From the Director

Expanding Art Offerings

One of my foremost goals in producing the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is to see erotic art become more frequently presented in mainstream art galleries. Last July, the Pan Eros Foundation leapt toward that goal. Gallery Erato opened to the public and showcased art from SEAF 2018. Each month on First Thursdays, Gallery Erato is honored to be part of the monthly Art Walk in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. SEAF now has a physical, year-round presence in Seattle’s vibrant art community.

Due to this, there were 6 weeks to view the art of Seduction, our annual Halloween party. It meant that we could devote December and January to a show celebrating masculine figures in erotic art. With Gallery Erato as a home, we have a tremendous opportunity to showcase specific subjects and artists. To explore each topic in more depth than we can in a weekend at SEAF.

Along the Spectrum

We strive to offer a broad spectrum of erotic art. My wish is for everyone who attends the festival to identify with at least one piece of art in which they can see themselves or their desires reflected. My second hope is for everyone to be able gain an understanding and appreciation for an “other” they did not have before; to look at a piece of art with subject matter that is not to one’s taste and still be able to see how it can be erotic to another is how we expand our “us” and create a more respectful community.

Beyond SEAF

Please join me in the SEAF mission of celebrating one another all year at Gallery Erato. Gallery Erato is located at 309 1st Avenue South Seattle, Washington and is open every Thursday from noon to 6pm and by appointment. First Thursdays, the Gallery is open until 9pm.

I hope to see you soon!

Yours in acceptance and love,

Sophia Iannicelli
Festival and Executive Director