On the Main Stage: Friday Night

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known for presenting a variety of art, not simply on our walls but also on our stages. In the evenings, when the lights go down, all eyes turn to the main stage. This year we are delighted to present four showcases assembled by our guest curators, with so many fabulous performers that we had to break them up into two nights! Come peruse our Friday night line-up!

7:30 p.m. – Queen Street Festival Vol. 2
curated by Randy Ford

Saira Barbaric (they/ze/she/he) is a nonbinary black queer creator and curator of the erotic, the bizarre and the surreal. Saira is a coordinator for NightCrush, a queer dance party Seattle staple; a member of Open System, a techno-rave collective; a director of Playthey Studios, an arts and events collective and a co-founder of Scumtrust Productions, a queer porn company. He/she/they/ze aims to bend genders and genres with their creations and to mark the path toward the intersectional afro-future. Follow @very.freaky on instagram to get a taste off all Saira is up to and check out Saira Barbaric on Patreon to get first glimpses of zir work.

May’Kese Rollins (Malaysia Monét) is an African-American gender fluent male in the Tacoma area. He is a bridal, editorial, and SFX makeup artist by day. And when not snatching faces and beating mugs he is a young performer and drag queen by night. He lives for the ballroom scene and loves to dance and kiki with the kids. If you want to keep up with this Queen and makeup artist follow him on IG: @mk.r21.

Tinashea Monét She/her/miss is an outgoing trans womxn of color from Tacoma, WA. She is the mother of the kiki ballroom House of Monét who’s won trophies for her FACE alone. Outside of ballroom she is a young freelance performer and overall entertainer in Seattle and Tacoma WA. She’s performed in various venues and main stages including private events, night clubs, Pride parades, runways, and photoshoots. She’s also an audio recording engineer and makeup artist aside from her other two non-performing jobs. You can find a piece of her life and modeling portfolio on IG: @tinasheamonet.

Venus Di’Khadijah Selenite (xe/xym) is the author of trigger and The Fire Been Here, as well as co-editor of Nameless Woman: An Anthology of Fiction by Trans Women of Color. Poet, writer, performance artist, editor, advocate, sex worker, and sensualist, xyr work has appeared in publications such as The Tempest, Wear Your Voice, Autostraddle, and Rest for Resistance. Venus has performed at the Kennedy Center, the White House, Busboys & Poets, Anacostia Playhouse, Princeton University, and Wellesley College, becoming the first Black trans woman to present solo performance poetry at the latter two venues. Xe has also a queer porn star for CrashPadSeries.com and creates independent erotic content.
Twitter/IG: @venusselenite, Patreon: patreon.com/venus_selenite

Randy Ford (she/her they/them) is a Seattle-born Queer Black Non binary Trans Femme choreographer, dancer, actor, and curator. She has performed for artists Dani Tirrell (Genre Bender, Black Bois), Imana Gunawan (moonshine cabaret), Kitten N’ Lou (CAMPTACULAR, Jingle All The Gay), and BenDeLaCreme (Beware The Terror of Gaylord Manor). She has been recognized on the City Arts Magazine’s 2018 Future’s List as an artist to watch and is a 2016 SeattleDances DanceCrush for Powerful Performance. When she’s not on stage she teaches MixxedFit at the Northwest African American Museum and is a teaching artist with ArtsCorps. To find more on what she’s up to you can follow her on IG: randybaby11 or subscribe to her website therandyford.com to receive monthly newsletters on classes and performances.



10:00 p.m. – Post Reign Rain
curated by Isaiah Esquire

Isaiah Esquire is also known as “The Tower Of Power”,is one half of the dynamic duo Izohnny whom produce and headline the hit show, BOYEURISM every second Friday at Bossanova Ballroom in Portland. Isaiah, as a dancer/performer has graced many stages throughout the United States, Canada, Finland,and Austria!You may have even seen him on “Amercas Got Talent”,or you can catch him now on Netflix in the Documentary “Glitter Tribe”. This exciting entertainer has a unique performance style that is intensely emotive, athletic, and explosive incorporating elements of dance,burlesque, and drag into his stage performance. Often referred to as a “Glamazon”, His tall statuesque physique alone demands attention. That however is certainly not the only reason why Isaiah Esquire is a force to witness and promised to entrance you.

Johnny Nuriel is an internationally acclaimed, powerfully androgynous, and versatile performer known for his signature fusion of fire and burlesque. Johnny is a beautiful blend of Masculinity and Femininity and draws from the powers of both in creating his esthetic. He, along with his husband, Isaiah Esquire, produce the hit Portland spectacular, Boyeurism @ the Bossanova Ballroom. Together they travel the globe teaching and performing with their duo, IZOHNNY. Over the past year they have headlined burlesque festivals and shows in Vienna, New York, and Sydney. Johnny also designs and sews nearly all of what he and Isaiah wear on stage!




Make sure you don’t miss any of our dazzling performances! We look forward to seeing you there!

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