On the Main Stage: Saturday Night

Come be delighted by our performance artists!  In the evenings, when the lights go down, all eyes turn to the main stage. This year we are delighted to present four showcases assembled by our guest curators, with so many fabulous performers that we had to break them up into two nights! Come peruse our Saturday night line-up!

Sensual Syntax
curated by Imani Sims and Lolo Ramone

Jam is an interdimensional wordsmyth, fusion dancer and hook suspension nerd. They fire dance, belly dance, tango, and provide spellbinding narration for cirque theatre. They are most excited for their performance in Oakland next month as part of The Skin Project’s installation, “Living Entropy.” IG @taj_jamil www.dancewithjam.com


La Petite has been evoking bloody evil erotic incantations for years as a producer and a performer. She specializes in performance art and dabbles in many other forms such as strip tease, as a songstress and a violinist. She’s been dubbed Seattle’s Queen of Gorelesque although the feel is more macabre and less slasher flick.


Caela Bailey is a born and raised Seattle artist. Caela grew up surrounded by street performers, circus legends, burlesque stars, and incredible musicians, traveling and performing around America & Europe. Since she draws her inspiration from modern cabaret, classic vaudeville, burlesque, old school Rock & Roll and R&B, as well as today’s mainstream pop culture – Caela loves performing in many different styles whether it be with her bad ass live band or as a charismatic host and personality. Brimming with talent and emotional honesty, she keeps the audience firmly in the palm of her hand from the moment she walks on stage until she hits her last note or risqué joke. She has celebrated the release of her first album ‘The Gospel Of The Gutter Queen’ as well as a number of wildly sexy and fun music videos.


Vixy Post is the girl next door turned lusty lady of song and dance; A musician, dancer, singer, teacher and all around entertainer. Brasswax writes haiku to make your swinger’s club blush. When Brasswax isn’t talking dirty in rhyme, he can be found playing trumpet, writing novels and enjoying the life of a renaissance man. They began sharing the stage in 2017 in Seattle’s annual ‘Bon Vivants- A Carnivale Cabaret’ set for April 6th 2019.


photo by Heather Schofner Photography

Ms. Briq House is a cultural innovator, advocate of sexual liberation through education, and experiential instructor of intimacy. Others may describe her as a Burlesque Performer, Producer, Emcee, Professional Cuddler, Story Teller, and all-around Bad Ass Bitch who is Kinky, Queer, Sex and Body Positive. Her Magnetic energy and fearless performance style have won over the hearts of audiences all over the world including Europe and Mexico. Sliding in at #42 on this years Top 50 Most Influential Burlesque Figures in the world list, Her Royal Thickness has been busy spreading her juicy gospel and doesn’t intend on slowing down anytime soon! Additional highlights of the year include Headlining Jeezy’s Juke Joint: An All Black Burlesque Festival in Chicago IL. Featuring at the Show Me Burlesque Festival in St Louis, MS and featuring at the internationally known Moisture Festival in Seattle WA.
To keep up with Ms. Briq House and all of her shenanigans please follow her on Instagram/Twitter: Ms.Briqhouse or Facebook: Briq House, Msbriqhouse.com


curated by Adra Boo

Jacqueline Hyde

Jacqueline Hyde, Seattle based multi award-winning international burlesque entertainer, is the Baroness Showgirl and the Alchemist of Tease. She has performed, produced and educated across North America, Europe, and Australia. Jacqueline is recognized for superior performances of her signature piece “Bring on the Men”, as well as her tribute act of Tiffany Carter “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, in competition performances in front of an industry panel of judge. Her 25 plus years of international professional performance and teaching experience in the entertainment and burlesque arts has provided her with opportunities to meet people (and venues) all around the world, which is super exciting to think about all that she has done and all that she has yet to do! Aside from performing burlesque, she also teaches Ballroom and Latin Dance, as well as her robust Burlesque program – The Alchemy of Tease.


Photo: Curvygrl

When not stage managing and panty-bossing, Seattle-born Artist and performer, Val Challah dances the line between narrative and raw sexual power. High burlesque with a touch of darkness. Weaving tales of folklore and fiction as well as a touch of nerdy fun and playful sexuality. Come inside and let your senses be delighted.


Photo credit: Genevieve Alvarez

Mike illvester has been a producer and DJ in the music industry for over 20 years. Formerly of the neo-soul duo Fly Moon Royalty, illvester focuses his efforts in the Hip Hop & R&B genre, but enjoys collaborating with local artists, musicians, and organizations of all variety. Beyond Mike’s solo body of work, his endeavors extend to writing original music for indie films to commercial and corporate. His clients include Microsoft, REI, The Seattle Symphony, The Seattle Times, and has been featured by outlets such as KEXP, AfroPunk.com & USA Today. When he’s not producing his next project, illvester has several DJ residencies around Seattle, Washington.


Photos by Max Shaw

Masquelyn Monroe is a high-fashion bombshell with a zest for magic and mischief.
Seattle-based artist, model, actor, and dancer, Masquelyn made his official debut through Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque under the direction of Ruby Mimosa and The One The Only Inga. He has since appeared on stages in Seattle and New York City at The Historic Stonewall Inn. Within the Seattle burlesque community, Masquelyn acts as Front-of-House Manager and Production Assistant for Verlaine and McCann, and House of Verlaine as well as assists with local Mod Carousel productions and The Moisture Festival’s Libertease Cabaret.”


Photo by After Midnight Photography

Jaynie Jezebel is a Seattle area singer, tap dancer, and Burlesque performer with the face of a cherub, a body like Hilda, and the mouth of a trucker. She tumbled clumsily into the Emerald City and found her tribe of weirdos in the After Midnight Cabaret. Cutting her performance teeth in 2012, she put on her first pair of pasties in 2014 and finally found artistic peace in her soul. She loves to belt out a tune, shake a cheeky tail feather, or tap until her clothes come off.


Photo credit: Seattle Peach Photography

Back for a second performance, Caela Bailey is still as charismatic as she was in Sensual Syntax. “Not only does Bailey have one of those voices that sounds like a river of gold pouring up from soles of her feet, she’s all about making gorgeous art that’s fun, funny and earnestly enjoyable.” – City Arts Magazine.


Photo by Amber Flame

Amber Flame of Last of the RedHot Mamas is an exclusive bitch. Lending her assets to stages that prioritize Black, POC and queer humans, she is a powerhouse performer shaking stages with poetry, music, burlesque, or simply undeniable bad-assery. You can find her in Seattle and the Bay Area going about the business of getting free. Amber Flame is one magic trick away from growing her own unicorn horn.


Photo credit: @picklesog

Carmen Caliente twerks and shakes all the way from Brazil, where she samba’d her way out of the womb! Carmen grew up spinning and twerking on stages Internationally, so the stage is no stranger to her! She joined the Seattle burlesque community in 2012, and has never looked back!!! She brings the spice of the south with the charm of classic burlesque to all her pieces. Currently is the choreographer and performer with the After Midnight Cabaret!


Photo by Zorn B Taylor

Taryn Rene Dorsey is a musician, singer and resistor. She was on the board of Home Alive, in the play Hot Grits, and the drummer of the all-woman punk band, NighTraiN, as well as the lead for the band Wiscon, backup singer for Fly Moon Royalty, DJ Silk Safari for Base Tan, and Co-Creator of POC as Fuck. Taryn is a lover of all disciplines of art and expression. Her goal is to create a space where black and brown folks are highlighted and uplifted in the arts.


Boom Boom L’Roux – The Sound of Freedom,
Burst onto the Seattle burlesque and cabaret scenes. Making her mark as a powerhouse performer and producer, Since her explosive start from the Kindergarten of Burlesque, Boom Boom has been heating up the stages of Seattle. Working in such places as The Triple Door, The Pink Door, and The Can Can. Boom Boom favors a classic approach to Burlesque infused with her own spicy flavor that melts hearts and captivates souls.


Photo Credit: Meneldor Photography

Known as the Director of Junk in da Trunk, Mx. Pucks A’Plenty is a roguish radical always ready to ride the stage. Spreading their black queer magic where ever they go, Pucks is always in control. They are a lover of leather, tall boots, floggers, riding crops and all things bad & bawdy. As a plus size queer femme of color and a vocal member of the kink scene, Pucks knows their politics, body, and sex are always potent and radical. They use their musicality and stage presence to grab hold of an audience and leave them on their knees wanting more. A graduate of Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in Seattle, Washington, Pucks works stages all over Seattle and has guest performed for Rock Candy Burlesque in Olympia, Washington as well been in the Buxom Blaze Burlesque Festival in Austin, Texas and Savannah Burlesque Festival. You can catch Pucks regularly at The Rendezvous and Substation Seattle as a solo performer and as a member of Seattle’s only all POC burlesque ensemble, Dark Diamonds.  This queer’s pronouns are they/them and YAS Queen. They are Seattle’s Own Mxtress of Dirty Glam and they have #nopucksgiven!


These artists are ready to test your boundaries and show you wonders!  Make sure you don’t miss a single performance!

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