Presenting the PEFF 2023 Silent Films

In addition to the delightful shorts that will be playing at the SIFF theater, we are also very pleased to present a stirring silent film program. This collection of films from creatives across the globe provides emotive visuals that are full of stories, culture, and lived experiences.

The Pan Eros Film Festival’s Silent Film Program will be shown throughout the weekend at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.


Matthias Von Braun • United Kingdom

Machine is a dark surreal nightmare set deep underground in a post-human automated factory where a bio-mechanical android bursts from her artificial fetal sac. She discovers her body and rejects her sexuality.


Krystian Kornel • Poland

Brena is a story about a girl, her inner dilemmas, the intricacies of decisions made, but mainly about many situations that we often experience ourselves. Quick judgments, hasty assumptions, certainties, verdicts before the case… not everything is what it seems.


Paolo Benetazzo • United Kingdom

A short film about passion, bondage and fetish.


Zoey Kriegmont • Italy

In this living memoir, a young traveler explores love, vulnerability, confidence, and acceptance in the small town of Amantea, Italy.


Chris Noon • Chicago, IL, United States

Hunger is an exploration of an isolated psyche.


Viola V • Australia

Dyspnea (or ‘air hunger’) is the subjective symptom of breathlessness. The clinical definition of dyspnea is an uncomfortable awareness of one’s breathing effort. A game of autoerotic asphyxia.

Metamorphosis Caenis

Olivier Ramberti • France

Caeneus was originally a woman named Caenis who was transformed into a man by the sea-god Poseidon. Poseidon had sex with her, and afterward she asked him to turn her into an invincible man.

A woman who has gone through me

Oleksandra Brovchenko • Ukraine

People go through us in time, going and going… constantly. As bodies in milk they sink and return, sink and return. Sometimes you can’t call to mind who it was, where it was, how it was… Everything sinks in milk.

How to Cook an Egg

Marianne Lavergne • Canada

Eggs can be complicated. Here’s a simple, straightforward way to ensure you have the best experience possible with eggs.

Entrenament (training)

Eloi Biosca • Spain

Two athletes training naked on a deserted beach. In slow motion.


Adèle Vincenti-Crasson • France

For you to sleep;
I tamed the storm that comes to the edge;
At the foot of a large elm;
Buried the demons from yesterday.


Julie Boehm • Germany

Be still my mind and travel back to your roots.

The Border

Anastasiia Kashtalian • Ukraine

Rabbits explore a cathedral.

Penco is Love

Obrero • Chile

A woman recognizes eroticism through her bond and experiences with the place she inhabits, Penco. “Penco es Amor” is the audiovisual adaptation of a manifesto written by a group of women between 23 and 50 years old in the city of the same name, in southern Chile, through an art therapy workshop.


Andreas Friedl • Austria

This film gives the opportunity to linger, to contemplate, to empathize. It is a statement for self-determined sexuality. Gabriela does nothing for the camera, but for herself. There are no stage directions. The camera only accompanies.


Santiago Balbuena • Argentina

A man, older and in his solitude, finds himself.

POV (Point of View)

Hedonistas • Argentina

Velva can’t fall asleep and looks for a webcammer to accompany her in her insomnia. In the darkness of her room she finds a live, almost unclothed woman lying down and touching herself on the screen. After coming together with her, Velva finally manages to fall asleep.

Every Monday

Myat Noe • Myanmar

Two girls. One is waiting in a hotel room, sexually aroused. The other is sitting in a house, looking dejected. There is a connection between them.

Take me in the woods

Popo la Sodo, Ernesto Fag, Kim Possible, LuSiDxxx, Otto • Belgium

Winter : A silky roman-photo through forest, winter and warm nymph mysteries.
Cute porn with moving bodies.
A four season project.


Gregor Marvel • Iceland

This is the first piece of our Mr.GoM “Love, Art & PEACE” project. The song is produced in Berlin by Gregor Marvel and Luke Pugin from Cape Town. Inspired by the volcano eruption near Reykjavik, the idea is as basic as fire, earth, air, water, and love plus the story of Prometheus. What started as a combination of two dreams I had reflecting about all our being, the basics we need, and the personality of the time traveler Mr.GoM.


Cristina Dezi • Spain

Sx-Poiesis is an aesthetic experience beyond the pleasure principle, that pleasure confined to the norms of heterosexuality and patriarchal systems. It is a hybrid identity, a cyborg made of unclaimed desires, taboos, and censored affects.

“How is sexual liberation claimed for you?”
“How do you like to be pleasured?”


Vesperal Films • France

“And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise”
– Kubla Khan, Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Intimate skin landscapes, sticky honey pouring in music over naked Solwenn and Ursinae.


Andreia Dobrota • Netherlands

A collage of vaginas because the human anatomy is beautiful in every shape or form

The Carpet Thief

Lisa Anna Zecchinato • Peru

I remember the first time I ran out of canvas.


Ricardo Munoz Izquierdo • Colombia

Made up of a series of delusions, fictions and reflections through a non-phallus centric gaze. The expectation of the feminine is crossed by a kind of discontent or irrefutable disobedience.

A monologue with quotes on art history, comments on the female body, and moments recorded in fujifilm instax Wide 300 snapshots, intervened with drawings, graphics and texts. The technique uses stop motion, frame by frame, photograph by photograph. Analogous pseudo poetry.


Leo Carreño • Colombia

The skeletal body suspended, observing itself as a creaking and decomposing corpse, weaves in its last breath the memory of a life fractured by the impotence of idealizing itself amidst a contaminated system, where it seeks to recompose itself from poetic planes that allow it to grant liberation through the transfer and re-signification of its own life experience.

I Never…

Steffie Notion • Denver, CO, United States

No one will ever love you as well as you love yourself.

Threads & Bangles

Uzair Surhio • Pakistan

Rahat, a 28-year-old queer, owns a bangle shop named “Rahat ki chooriyan” in a small neighborhood. His bangles are unique and loved by his customers. He hides his true identity outside his home. The film depicts his day revealing how he got fond of bangle-making art after losing his partner, whose picture he keeps close while being at his beautiful shop.

The Pan Eros Film Festival will run concurrently at the SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center during this year’s Seattle Erotic Art Festival. A separate ticket is required to view the Short Films Program.

Pan Eros Film Festival – Friday, 6 PM

Pan Eros Film Festival – Friday, 8:30 PM

Pan Eros Film Festival – Saturday, 3:30 PM

Pan Eros Film Festival – Saturday, 6 PM

Pan Eros Film Festival – Saturday, 8:30 PM

Please join us for the celebration of art, film, and the erotic.