Dance all night long at Seduction


As soon as the doors to SEDUCTION open at 8 PM, our DJs will have beats going to get your booty moving. Raymond Forbes starts off the night with a soundtrack for enjoying Sensation City, Suspended Animation’s “Bondage Rides” and our roving artists. Our DJs will take a break during the creepily, yet dazzling, stage show. Fabulous Fabien returns us to the dance floor in a swirl of dark house, trance and tech house.

Crow ushers us through the witching hour beginning with a steady rise from eerie techno to aggressive complextro, webs of broken tribal will string between shadows of hammering trance. An eclectic mix of surreal sounds rhythmically synchronized with demanding 4×4’s.

Mariu5 helps us close out the bars with a mix of dark Progressive and Electro-House which will, at the end of the night, give way to spooky but chilled Dubstep.

We have just the thing if you need more inspiration to get out on the dance floor besides the driving beats. Dolphin Dance returns to the VIP stage to be our exotic and pole dancing eye candy for the second half of the evening!



Hatched and raised in Maine, Crow flew to Seattle when he turned 18 to seek out the sounds of the underground. When he discovered electronic music he immediately fell in love with the raw, powerful frequencies. His passion for inspiring in general and unique character in particular resonates through his music. Combining his life long journey through classical music with the heavy heartbeat of dance music he strives to create music that “elaborates my life’s experiences through sound, and audible art, in the hope that it may harmonize with the world around me.”


FabulousFabienFabulous Fabien

Fabien started as a FM radio tech at the ripe age of 17 years old, in 1985. A year later he started DJ’ing for birthdays, wedding, corporate parties, etc… and created his own company, started leaving off of DJ’ing for the next few years. His love or old school funk got his heart and mind into house, tech funk, tech house, deep house.



Marius Hamilton got his start playing music a little over six years ago in the underground and it is in the underground where he is most comfortable. “Dungeon Parties” and small alternative clubs and bars are where he flourishes. “The bigger the club, the bigger the business; the bigger the business, the smaller the art.”
Mariu5 plays carefully crafted heavy and dark mixes to engineer experience. “It’s mostly edges that are a bit on the sharp side and a lot of restrained savagery. My music is for people who’s dreams often disturb other people but always make the dreamer smile.”


rforbes1Raymond Forbes

DJ and producer, multi-instrumentalist, and musician, Raymond Forbes has been delving deep into the world of electronic music. First as a regular house DJ for The Grind, a Center for Sex Positive Center party, and then starting his own party Raymond fills the floor with heavy beats that have a strong focus on melodies. Raymond uses his love of music to bring out the sound that inspire people to move. Raymond can also be seen showing his blues chops DJing for Blues Underground.


Emily-DolphinDanceEmily BC of Dolphin Dance

Emily BC is the owner of Dolphin Dance. Her pole journey started 8 years ago from a desire to feel sexy, a balance from her “day job” as an accountant and lifetime history of general awkward nerdery. As much as she loves to dance, Emily loves teaching others how to dance and tap into their own unique sexuality. Seduction is a beautiful opportunity to see her Dolphin Dance students sharing their love (of dance, of themselves, of feeling sexy) with a crowd.