Support Erotic Art This Tuesday

Interacting with a piece of art at the 2014 Festival

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival is an annual celebration of erotic expression that is about to proudly mark its 13th year. It is the backbone of the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, whose mission is to promote the many ways sex is beneficial through education, outreach, the arts, advocacy, and research programs that serve the public. This would not be possible without the generous contributions that have been made by our donors and volunteers over the years.

When you attend the Festival, you become a participant in the emancipation of sexual expression. The Festival not only purveys more erotic art than any other event, it creates a space for people to experience,  grow, and to reveal, their authentic sexual selves in a public venue. Each year that space expands and evolves to help encourage the spread of sex positivity.


Creating Sex Positive Space

The Foundation leads an impressive array of programs in addition to the Festival each year. 2014 has been an exceedingly successful year with many goals achieved, including opening the Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture to the public, and providing over a hundred exceptional educational opportunities throughout the year.

We hope that we can inspire the support of Festival goers for the Foundation and its mission to create as many opportunities as possible to further our collective erotic evolution. As we plan for and look forward to the 2015 Festival, we also are brainstorming even more ways to pursue that mission.

December 2nd is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. This is our first year as a participating organization. If you choose to donate on December 2nd, we will give you a commemorative wine glass for every hundred dollars you donate. Donations can be made via the Amazon Donation button on our website, a credit card over the phone, or mailing a check.

If you are interested in donating your time as well, visit our volunteer page to learn more about the opportunities available, and sign up.

PS: All donations are applied to our general fund, unless indicated otherwise. If you would like your donation to directly benefit The Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, or the Education Program, please email us.

Bootblacking at the 2013 Festival