Thank you for SEAF2019!

A fantastic weekend of art and shenanigans!

The 17th annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival was a rousing success and a whole lot of fun! I have so much I want to say about the weekend, but each time I try to put into words the joy of the weekend, I get lost in the memories and tongue-tied.

Thank you for being brave in Aaaahz! Thank you for making art at the drawing and sculpting sessions throughout the festival. Thank you for reveling in the performances on and off the stages. Thank you for taking 74 pieces of art home. Thank you for listening to poets and authors and joining in to write your own poetry. Thank you for participating in conversations and thoughtful discussions. Thank you for spending the weekend with me and all the other people who want a place to authentically express ourselves.

Thank you to all the artists whose work creates this festival from their hearts and minds. I was honored to be able to gaze upon each piece of art, grateful for the visual artists who graced our art walls. I was delighted by every performer who used song, dance, words, movement, and emotion to express the erotic in its many forms. And best of all, thank you to everyone who created art at the festival.

Official Photos

As well as creating and celebrating art, we are committed to documenting the festival in all it’s glory. Our staff photographers, Alison Douglas, John Cornicello, Argent Rabbit Photography, Rachael Green, James McDaniel, Jamie Rand ImagingVitz Photos, and Ricky Osborne, spend their festival trying to catch you in the best light, having the most fun, and sharing your presence-as-art with the world. A very big thanks to all of these photographers for working the whole festival, as well as after it is over by editing those thousands of photos.

Enjoy the official #SEAF2019 photos here. You can see John Cornicello’s special portrait photos here. And see some of the selfie photos here in front of the live painted mural by Rich Miller. If you took photos of yourself and your lovely compatriots, share them with us via social media by using the hashtag #SEAF2019 or #howdoyouSEAF. We are @Seattle_Erotic on Twitter and Instagram, and @SeattleEroticArtFestival on Facebook.

See you soon!

Thank you for supporting the festival with your ticket and art purchases, your tips, and most importantly, your time. All of your support means that we can make sure to have another festival next year, and continue creating events that are accepting and supportive year round in Gallery Erato.

with Festival Founder, Jim Duvall

I am humbled by your support and look forward to continuing our mission to celebrate and cultivate sexuality. Please mark your calendar for SEAF2020 over the weekend of April 24, 25, & 26.

With gratitude,

Sophia Iannicelli
Festival and Executive Director