2017 Ambient Performance Artists

ambient performers dancing on stageWe are pleased to announce the SEAF 2017 ambient performance artists, who are thrilled to stimulate and arouse your mind and body at this year’s festival. Ambient performance at SEAF is interactive art that breaks the 4th wall by using the entirety of the festival space as the stage. Ambient performers engage directly with our guests, creating an immersive environment.  These roaming performances spin an energetic web of art around the entire event, invoking fresh perspectives and contemplations, and moving attendees to communicate with friends and lovers about desires, consent, questions and nuances of their experience.

2017 Ambient Performance Artists

  • David Cohen and Alyssa Manning
  • Eva Luna
  • Kace Face
  • Lauren Brazell
  • Lumen
  • Magnificent Marjani
  • Mary Hubert
  • Monera Mason
  • Natasha Hawthorne
  • Ren De

Learn more about our highly-talented, evocative ambient artists here.

ambient performance artistsYou’ll find our ambient performance artists lingering around in various areas of the event Friday/Saturday. We look forward to treating you to these very special, hyper-local experiences.

The 2017 Seattle Erotic Art Festival will be held April 28-30, and tickets are available! Learn more about the festival experience on our 2017 Festival page.