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Over the years, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival has had many new artists have their work accepted. Our jury process keeps the identity of the artists hidden from the jurors so that each piece of art is judged on its own merits. This puts newer or unknown artists on a level playing field with more established artists. We recently heard the story of the first time François Dubeau submitted his paintings to an art festival for consideration. We thought it was an inspiring tale.

I Lost my Virginity to SEAF

By François Dubeau

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival was my “coming-out” of sorts. Indeed, after trying unsuccessfully to paint “respectable” artwork for years, I one day bit the bullet and finally gathered the courage to show the erotic drawings I’d been secretly working on behind closed doors.

But where do you show erotic art? I searched the Web, and, lo and behold, there was a festival for erotic art! In Seattle!! And they seemed legit!!! And they were asking for submissions!!!! And I was terrified!!!!!

I had never showed my erotic artwork outside of a small circle of close friends and family. It was the first time I’d submitted to a “real” art event. I couldn’t have lost my artistic virginity to a better bunch of folks than SEAF!

“Be Bold and Brave” I whispered to myself as I sent my submission, expecting a polite refusal letter. Instead, all four pieces I submitted were accepted. I was ecstatic! I lovingly packed my artwork, thinking they’d eventually be sent back to me unsold, but it was still a great achievement.

To my utmost surprise, I sold three of the four. Even better, the one piece I had put up for auction (SEAF had an auction back then) sold for twice the price I had earmarked it for. And cherry on the sundae, I was voted “Second Place, Best Visiting Artist” (Holy Hell, I didn’t even know they had a competition!).

The story doesn’t end there. Over the following year, two influential people who saw my work at SEAF contacted me with opportunities that are even now opening doors for me.

The year was 2006, and I still have a glow from that time I lost my “erotic art virginity” to SEAF. If you’re unsure about submitting to SEAF, don’t hesitate. Be bold and brave! The worst that can happen is a polite refusal letter (and I can guarantee that SEAF will still respect you in the morning!)


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