Countdown to SEAF – 4 days left!

Our countdown to sexy continues!  There are four days left before we open all the doors, dim the lights, and get this party started.

Countdown to SEAF – 4 Ways to Attend

  • Volunteer! 
    We know, we know, we talked about this yesterday.  That said, it is still completely valid.  Come volunteer for us and you will get to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and other delights of SEAF!
  • Gallery hours pass!
    So maybe you really just want to check out the exhibition art.  Maybe the late night is too late, maybe it’s too loud, maybe you already had plans for this weekend but you just have to see that art, whatever your reasons!  A Gallery pass will get you access to the exhibition during our daytime hours (noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday).
  • All day/weekend pass!
    You want it all!  The gallery, the performances, the installations, the conversations, everything the Festival has to offer!  Whether you’re looking at a full Friday or Saturday pass, or coming for the whole weekend (which we highly recommend), this is the experience you’re after!  A full day/weekend pass gets you access to all of our scheduling, our main stage performances,
  • VIP!
    Because not only do you want it all, you want to be lavishly pampered while you get it.  For those of you who believe in having your cake and also eating it – possibly from the fingertips of someone else, it’s your cake after all, you decide – then the VIP Velvet Experience is what you’re after.  An exclusive entrance, bar, access to reserved seating at the stages, and Velvet Lounge, with a luscious dessert each evening.

With all this delightful information at your fingertips, go forth and grab the tickets (or sign up for the volunteer shift) that work best for you!  We absolutely cannot wait to see you on Friday!

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