Thank You From The Director

Consent/Ascent/Descent Game by Kevin Boze & team.

I am brimming with gratitude as I look through the official SEAF2018 photos. (Go see our Flickr feed.) I am overwhelmed with the beauty and the hard work I can see reflected in every photo. I am thankful for all the artists whose work is the backbone of the festival, the performers on and off the stages, the authors and poets and lecturers, the hardworking volunteers, and every attendee who graced the Festival with their presence!

Creating Space

Creating a space for the erotic to be expressed through all forms of art and interaction is what I am most proud of. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves, trying new things, and connecting with each other was one of the biggest joys I experienced. Thank you for participating and interacting with our performers, conversation facilitators, and installation artists. These people put their hearts into creating safer and braver spaces and activities that promote the acceptance and celebration of the core of our identities.

Art Sales

Seeing the lights on the Big Red Ladder change to red was another thrill. Each red light bulb represented a piece of art that was sold. We had 68 red bulbs by the end of the festival. Our Art Docents helped 29% of the exhibition art find new homes. If viewing erotic art is a political act, than purchasing erotic art shows sex positive commitment. And the Festival store gave even more people an option to take home a little piece of the erotic. Thank you to everyone who took a piece of art home from the festival. Your purchases support our participating artists and make it possible for them to keep creating art that will change the world.

Thank you for your support!

With your ticket and art purchases, you have supported us so well that we will be gleefully paying off all the SEAF bills and writing checks to SEAF artists without worry. We will have enough left over to be our seed money for SEAF2019, as well as outfit our new gallery. I am very proud to say that SEAF will have a year round presence starting this summer. Look for more announcements in the near future.

Plan For SEAF2019

I think I can speak for all of the SEAF planning team when I say it is an honor to celebrate the erotic with you. We look forward to sharing SEAF2019 with you over the weekend of April 26, 27, & 28th, 2019. Please mark your calendars and look for tickets to go on sale at the beginning of the year.

Until then, enjoy your art, and being your beautiful, erotic selves!

With respect and gratitude,
Sophia Iannicelli
Executive Director