Visual Art 2014: Glass Art Exhibit Debuts!


“Wheel of Remembering” (c) 2011, Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman (2014 Featured Glass Artists)

The Pacific Northwest is recognized as a mecca for amazing glass art.  This year, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival is excited to present an all-glass special exhibition, curated by local artist Steve Jensen.  A talented panel of artists has been invited to engage and excite the senses in this debut exhibition.

The process of creating glass art lends itself well to sensual expression. Glass is sand-heated to intense temperatures; its manipulations are described in terms of blowingpulling and fusing; vocabulary intimately tied to interaction. “Working with glass is a seductive process. At 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, glass is a pliable liquid that can be teased into any shape I choose, and my window of access is but a fleeting moment,” says invited artist Merrilee Moore in her statement.


(c) Merrilee Moore (2014 Invited Glass Artist)

Our glass exhibition aims to dazzle and delight this year’s Festival attendees. Curator Steve Jensen has been creating sculptural works for over 30 years, in media including both wood and glass, and has had his work exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the Northwest.  Jensen has organized an impressive exhibit for the 2014 Festival, showcasing artists from all corners of the country. The glass artwork on display also includes works incorporating additional media, such as painting and photography. This exhibit promises to add another exciting medium through which we can explore and appreciate the world’s finest erotic art, as well as providing a colorful and sensual experience for all visitors to the 2014 Festival!