2016 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival – Opening Day!

It’s Friday!! The official start of the weekend, and opening day of the 2016 Seattle Erotic Arts Festival!
After months of planning, selecting art, finding performers, and building all the things, we are ready to reveal another amazing experience. You’ll love this year’s diverse array of art and other delectable surprises.

Doors open at 8pm tonight, and the party doesn’t 17185033520_3dd189a122_zstop until 2am.
For those of you who need a little rest before you dive into the fun, check out the festival Saturday (12pm – 2am) or Sunday (12pm – 4pm). Feeling adventurous and/or just can’t get enough of art and sexy people? Go all three days; you can come and go as you please! Single-day and 3-day festival passes are available, with a ton of great events scheduled each day. Curious about some of the fun featured at this year’s festival? Check out our event schedule highlights below, or go to the Festival Schedule page for a full set of events. There is SO much to do— painting competitions, food tasting, spoken word art tours, late night parties, and performances galore!

Friday Event Highlights

  • Artists’ Reception (by invite only) – 6pm
  • Painting Parlour – 8pm
  • Tennessee Tease Performance – 8:30pm
  • Guided Art Tour w/ Jim Duvall, Master of Erotic Art and Festival Founder – 9:30pm
  • Burlesque Performances – 10pm-11pm
  • La Petite Seduction Dance Party – 11pm

Saturday Event Highlights

  • Rope Art Salon – 12:30pm
  • Writer’s WanderLust Spoken Art Tour – 1:30pm
  • Music Performance and Art Talk w/ Guitarist Damon Buxton – 3:30pm
  • Coming Out Like a Porn Star Book Reading by Jiz Lee – 5pm
  • Brush Strokes – a decadent guided painting session (separate ticket purchase required) – 6:30p
  • Sex Positive Store Slam – 8pm
  • Make Your Own Pasties – 9pm
  • SensationAlley tactile sensation play – 10pm
  • Live Painting w/ Adare – 10pm
  • La Petite Seduction Dance Party – 11pm

Sunday Event Highlights

  • Beyond Nude life drawing – 12pm
  • Visual Art Jury Discussion Panel – 1pm
  • Book Event w/Carol Queen (author, The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone)
  • Guided Art Tours w/ Artist Flynn Bickley or Art Jurors Michelle Sullivan and Charles Kneller – 1:30pm
  • “Three, Two, One” lecture w/ Kimberly Dark – 2pm
  • Literary Art Jury Discussion Panel – 3pm

17372854275_36797f07d5_zIn between events, check out our amazing Festival Store! Here, you can find a plethora of sexy items for purchase, such as books, art prints, cards, and sculptures. We have options suitable for every budget and taste.

Tickets bought, outfits chosen, schedule planned…are you ready for a little sexy fun this weekend? We can’t wait to see all you beautiful people!