Visual Artists of the 2016 Festival

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Seattle Erotic Art Festival is known worldwide for a comprehensive collection of international fine art celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression. The incredible creativity with which artists approach the subject of erotica is captured in all manner of visual media: painting, photography, sculpture, assemblage, prints, mixed media, and more.

We are proud to present world-class visual art that is rarely seen in mainstream galleries and redefines boundaries in exciting new ways. Get your tickets now to see this expansive collection in person!

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Masters of Erotic Art

This is the Festival’s highest honor. The Masters of Erotic Art program showcases artists who have made meaningful contributions to the history and development of erotic art. The 2016 showcase will include:

Barbara Nitke
Betty Dodson
David Steinberg

Ellen Forney
Jim Duvall
Michael Rosen
Michele Serchuk
Paul Dahlquist

2016 Invited Artists

Adare – Guest Curator
Grant Rehnberg
Mal Martel
Michael Manning
Sam Vaughan
Steve Jensen
Tovah Stevenson

Gay City Arts Showcase Artists

Duncan Gibbs
Dylan Leigh Chaumont
Flynn Bickley – Guest Curator
Hannah Jove
Jack Johnston
Koji Kubota
Markel Uriu
Mary Anne Carter
Smitty Buckler & Collaborators
Sofya Belinskaya
Tobi Hill-Meyer
McKenna Jane
Grant Rehnberg

2016 Accepted Artists

Aaron Feinberg
Aaron Morgan
Aeon Stanfield
Ale Ruaro
Alison Park Douglas
Amelia Phylomena Gardenia Stern
Ana Christensen
Andrew Adam Caldwell
Angela Campanelli
Art of Sterling Hoffman
Ashley Laufer
Assaf Ziv
Barbara Wurden ART
Beth Hammer
Bianca Wright
Brooke Kent
Cathy McNew
Charlie Noble
Christopher B Mooney
CJ Peltz
Constance & Eric
Cory Clinton
Craig Colvin
Craig Stocks
D. Keith Furon
Daniel Suchman
Dave Lewis LewisArtandPhoto
David Michael Lamont
David Peterman
David Smith
David Steinberg
Den Fandrich
Denise Sirchie
Devin Mohr
Dix Steele
Donald Rizzo
Douglas A Metzger
Edward H.A. Reed
Eighty-Five Octane
Eric Simonovici
Eric Wallis
Fernando Carpaneda
Francois Dubeau
G. L. Pozza
Gerry Oar
Grigory Lukin
Gwyneth Wilson
Hair Spun
Hooligan Lili
jackson photografix
James Rice
Jason Belknap
Jeff Wack
Jeni Falldine
Jennifer Feagler
Jesse Hitchens
Jim Duvall
Johannes Gerard
John Gerecht
John Ilg
John Rizzotto
Jordan Christianson
Kate Tillman
Ken Campbell
Koray Kocaturk
Lace Andersen
LaDonna Rios
Leah Beckelman
Lillian Winters
M. Crit Davis
Maria Coletsis
Mary T. Enslow
MaryBeth Lafferty
Matthew Hinshaw
Michael Costello
myndzeye/FANFetica Photography
Narong Tintamusik
Natasha Andaz
Natasha Crouch
myndzeye Photography
Neil Doherty (NBKToys)
Nicklese Chapman
Pedro Valdes
Philosophy Fetish
rada dada
Richard Bulman
Richard Pollin
RNB2 Photography
Robert Babylon
Robert Post
Ronnie Werner
Royal Phoenix
Ruthie V.
S.M. Shifflett
Sally Mikulas-Serletti
Sean Jackson
SensuaLight Photography
Sergei K
Stasia Burrington
The Missing Volume One
think tank ART
Thomas Hammel
Timur Ayupov
TP Hughes
TStrauss Photography
Vex Maron
Wednesday Wolf
Xristian Young


Festival 2016 Tickets Go On Sale March 1st!

The 2016 Seattle Erotic Art Festival takes place April 22nd-24th, 2016. Tickets are now available!

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